Friday 4 November 2011

Christmas Fairs

Hello my lovelies, sorry for another long period of absence: I have been working flat out for these upcoming Christmas fairs and as usual there are not enough hours in the day! I honestly wonder how people manage to do them more than a couple of times a year: they nearly kill me!!

In case you live in, or happen to be visiting, this fantastic corner of the country in the next few weeks, here are some dates to put in your diary!
The first event is at Cowslip Workshops (near Launceston) on 18th, 19th and 20th Nov (details on their website). Kirstie Allsopp and her posse will be there filming on the Friday (18th) - how I do wish she would give me some SPACE - ha ha!! Most likely it will be very busy on that day in particular!

Then, the following Sunday (27th Nov), I will have a table at the wonderful Homespun Fair in Portscatho. I may well find it hard standing by this point, but if you are able to, then please drop in! It is always a lovely event.

I am trying to think of clean ways to display my Christmas decorations: I have a couple of simple designs that I am hoping Steve will be able to help with. In the meantime, I converted this old white box - simply by threading lengths of dowelling through drilled holes...

I have a strict agenda everyday in order to make sure I make enough stock: here are some spotty whales in various colours waiting to be transformed into mobiles...

A line of mice - as yet minus their candy canes (see above!)....

March Of The Penguins...

(my friend reckons they are doing the conga!)

And of course, a whole brood of lavender jellyfish! I could quite happily make these all day - they are such fun!

Well, thats all for now - if you manage to make either fair, please come and say Hello - it would be great to meet you!
Have a lush weekend folks! xx