Saturday 30 July 2011

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The title just about sums up how things have been over the last couple of weeks - and that's how I like it (I'm easily bored!) I'll share some images of the things I've been working on, shall I?

2 'secret' collages. This one was commissioned by a friend - for his wife's birthday (it's their beautiful house in Cambridgeshire).

The second one was a gift for my mother-in-law's birthday. It's a small collage of Kastro on Skiathos where we all went on holiday last year.

I was delighted to be asked by Lucy of Attic 24 to make a driftwood sculpture for her (click on the image and you'll notice the number on the door.) Her blog is an absolute joy - if you are not familiar with it, firstly where have you been? and secondly get over there right away!! (unless you wish to finish reading this post first!)

I've also been making some brooches! It started off with this owl which I made for Herbie's pre-school teacher...

Then some foxes...

And a peacock on request!

We all went to a little girl's birthday party yesterday so I made her a matching card and brooch set!

I love making these stitched cards: last week I had fun creating this one...

and I was looking at it and had an idea - which led to this!

Quite pleased with this cheerful design - I'd like to see how it looks as a print, but I think it will work really well as a printed greeting card. What do you think?

Phew! Well I think that's quite enough for one post! The weather has been glorious here for the first week of the school holidays - long may it last! Guess where we're off to today?

Yup - to 61A of course!! Have a fab weekend folks!

Saturday 16 July 2011

Handmade cards

click on image to enlarge

I was a naughty girl yesterday! Despite having outstanding orders, I fancied making a couple of new children's cards - and once I started, I couldn't stop! I showed them on my Facebook page, and an interesting discussion ensued: the old dilemma about how much to charge! Always a tricky one... and I'm not going to get into it again here! No-one will ever get rich making cards! BUT, let's just say I had a fabulous day, it was fun to create some new designs and use some scraps from my ever-growing fabric collection!
Most of these have been snapped up already, but I've put a framed a few and popped them in my Folksy shop. Which one is your favourite?

Thursday 14 July 2011

Recycled paper helmet

Morning folks! As everybody knows, the school holidays are fast approaching (I don't like this time of year, it makes me realise how quickly time is flying by, now another school year has passed!) I thought I'd share a very easy project with you (especially those of you with boys). Disclaimer: whilst I'd love to say this is my own clever design, it was actually published in the (now sadly defunct) Comic section of the Saturday guardian.

To start, tape together two sheets of a newspaper (along the long side).

Fold the lower right corner to the vertical centre crease.

Repeat with the top right corner. Rotate so that the triangle is pointing downwards.

The fold the triangular section upwards.

Turn the paper over. Fold both bottom corners to the centre line.

Fold the top flap over.

Fold this piece in half again. Your paper should look like this! Still with me?! Now turn the paper over from top to bottom.

Fold the outer flaaps towards each other, opening the helmet. Tuck one flap into the other and secure with sticky tape.

We added some strips of newspaper to the crown for a bit of decoration....
...and ta-da! Your helmet is ready for action!

Model: Herbie

Thursday 7 July 2011

My poor neglected blog

Dear dear readers, I hope you don't feel totally's been almost a whole month since my last confession, I mean post - and I feel rotten about it! Even the last few posts I wrote were rushed ones, mostly apologising for my absence in the blogisphere. I fully expected things to calm down after the big show in June - but to be honest I'm busier than ever! There have been a few times when I've felt completely overwhelmed with work, family, life in general....and I have considered even doing away with SixtyOneA as it would be one less ball to juggle. But then I look at you all on the right there, and I think about the good friends I've made through doing this - some of you have been followers since the beginning - and I just can't bear to let it go! The thing I feel bad about really is not having visited your pages, when you are so loyal to me! I don't want it to feel like a one-sided relationship after all! But (pause for breath!) I've come to the conclusion that it probably doesn't matter if sometimes my ramblings are very irregular (I mean, it's unlikely that I'll be this busy constantly) - I'll just have to make up for it when things are quieter! And I will, I promise!
Well, that's that said....and I hope you're still here?! I've had a little bit of press in the last couple of weeks! First off, a great feature in Making magazine....

Then my blog had a mention in Handmade Living, alongside Julia Crossland and Nina (Tabiboo). Whilst they had been informed, it was a complete surprise to me - until I saw my images on Julia's site!On the creative side, I've had what feels like millions of driftwood cards to make for shops and galleries which has taken up loads of my time, but I have managed to squeeze in a collage commission for my friend, who has bought this for her husband's birthday....

You may recognise it, it's Derwent Water in the Lake District.
Well, I gotta go and make some dinner now. I hope you are all welll and I'll see you again soon xx