Sunday 24 October 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

And with a slight hangover I didn't feel like exerting myself too much, so after a little mooch in the shed, I took this piece of lovely thick plywood which has bright white fibreglass on one side. I'd found an extra-long paintbrush handle on the coast near the Lizard a few weeks ago and been unsure what to do with it. The ply was slightly longer than the 'fish' and set the colour off perfectly so I chose to make a very simple hanging plaque....

Look at all those layers of different coloured paint!

It could be hung outside - maybe on a shed or summerhouse door...

Or maybe on the bathroom door...

But for now it looks at home hanging on a peg in my studio!

Available to buy in my Folksy shop!

Psssssst! I'm going to do a Giveaway next time to celebrate 100 posts. Don't miss it!

Thursday 21 October 2010

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas....

.....largely due to this huge pack of cinnamon sticks which was delivered yesterday. Mmmmm, smells wonderful!

I usually cut the sticks in half to use as perches for my individual robins, but I got distracted (again!) and decided to have a little play...

...and this was the result!

The mistletoe is basically a wire 'frame which I then wrapped in dotty fabric - finished off with a vintage button 'berry'. Available in my Folksy shop.
Best get on with what I'm supposed to be doing now! Hope you're all having a good week x

Monday 18 October 2010

Facebook Giveaway and more of Steve's makes!

The beach was an absolute mess on Saturday! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but let me tell you it was thick with seaweed! Not the most pleasant of conditions to be beachcombing in, although it was another warm sunny day - aren't we being spoiled this October?!
Anyway, there wasn't a huge amount of 'treasure' to be found, but I collected lots of little bits of bleached wood - which showed up brightly amongst the dull, dark seaweed.
And this is what I made when I got home...

The sun was still out so I sat in the garden with my drill and threaded them onto thick wire - most relaxing! (Herbie thought I was making a necklace at first!)The wreath is about 50cm in diameter.
I've decided to offer it as a giveaway prize on Facebook: if you're on FB already, just leave a comment and you'll be put into the draw (if you want to sign up to my page, simply click on FB symbol in righthand sidebar). If you're not on FB (lucky you, you probably have an extra few hours a week spare than those of us that are!), don't worry, I'm approaching 100 posts on here, so I will giveaway something on here too - promise!

The photo was taken about a month ago, where Steve discovered 2 lovely weathered scaffolding planks on the beach.... and carried them like this all the way back to the car (it was a long walk too!)
But he had an idea in his head, and this is what he knocked up the next weekend!!

The light's not good today, but you get the idea, I'm sure!

It's blimmin' heavy I can tell you!

And d'you remember this post where I dropped a subtle hint about wanting a couple of pallet chairs for the boys' room?

Haha, my wish is his command!! They look great, no?

And the storage part at the top is perfect for hold pens etc. He's not just a pretty face!!

Sunday 10 October 2010

More paintbrush fish!

Hello my lovelies and a warm welcome to any new followers! I hope that many of you have been blessed, like us here in Cornwall, with warm sunny weather this weekend - such a bonus this time of year! It was definitely t-shirt weather here this afternoon - Herbie even asked if we could get the paddling pool out!
We had a very fruitful trip to the beach earlier - collected lots of little pieces of driftwood for cards and a huge amount of old paintbrush handles! Unfortunately they were plastic rather than wood, but they come in a nice assortment of colours, so I decided to put my plastic snobbery aside and get creating!
So this is the first piece showing a driftwood fishing boat and its 'haul'...

I've called it ' A Fine Catch'

I think the 'buoy' might be part of a fishing rod or float, but I'm not sure!
We also found this bit of plywood on the beach yesterday. It's got some old green paint on it, so I chose some co-ordinating fish from my large pile to make a unique and unusual wallhanging...

It's currently hanging in our hallway, but I think it would add a nice decorative touch to someone's shed... the rope would rot eventually, but the wood and 'fish' are obviously weather-resistant!
Both are available in my Folksy shop.

So what do you think? Can plastic be pretty? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Tuesday 5 October 2010

Goodies in the post!

You know how most days the postman just brings boring bank statements or annoying junkmail? Well, not today! I had not one but four exciting packages arrive this morning!
I have to tell you about this giveaway I won over at Amanda's blog - I'm sure some of you even entered yourselves...but I was the very lucky winner!

Look - a gorgeous book - The Bag Making Bible -which I am looking forward to studying tonight once the children are in bed!

This sweet little brooch made by Amanda

Some fab organic cotton fabric - not sure what to create with this yet, but it will be put to good use at some point!

And did you see the bunny in the top picture? It is so intricate, this is a close-up of my favourite bit - love that harlequin ribbon!
Thank you Amanda for your generous gifts! If you're not familiar with her blog, pop over and say Hi!

So what else can I show you? Ah yes, some lovely ticking from Emma Garry...

so that I can make some more of these...

In another envelope: I'm loving this reversible Danish ribbon from

Talking of which, the first NOTHS Christmas catalogue arrived today....

Recognise anything familiar on this page?!

Or what about this one? This is from the November issue of Good Housekeeping! A bit of press for Kirsty Elson Designs! How exciting!

Hope you're having a great week xx

Friday 1 October 2010

New Christmas Decorations

Do you remember these from last year?

Well, I've adapted the original pattern again to create this year's Christmas creatures...penguins!

Designed to hang from your Christmas tree...

Although if you speak to them nicely, they might stand up for you!

Penguins and spotty robins available in my Folksy shop.
Happy weekend everyone!