Friday 18 May 2012

We all scream for ice cream!

I have been so busy these last couple of weeks, but it's only now as I sit down to write a blog post that I realised how much I have managed to get done (all for the Contemporary Craft Fair in 4 weeks time!)

I am starting to see cottages in my sleep!

I have my own model village in my studio!

This terrace fits nicely into a display hole in our lounge!

And an idea I had just this's a pub! Maybe called The Ship...

The sign is made from a tiny print of a painting by my favourite artist Alfred Wallis. I used sellotape over both sides to make it sturdier and to stick it onto the overhead nail.

I was lucky enough to find this perfect little bit of wood at the beach earlier in the week. It really didn't take much effort to turn it into a little boat. Less is sometimes more, don't you know?!

Do you recall the washed-up boat we discovered back here? We are still finding pieces from it on different beaches along the south coast of Cornwall. I decided to use this large piece (quite clearly part of a boat) for the basis of this large piece of work.

It has the same "slipway" as other bits I have used previously..

I love the subtle hues in the paintwork...and the crackleglaze makes it look like stonework.

I scratched a couple of ladders into the varnished section to break it up a little.

I also started experimenting with some text! I bought some metal letter stamps ages ago, but didn't really know at the time what I would use them for.

You may need to click on the above image to read the words!

"Promenade" is closely based on Preston seafront where 61A is located!

And lastly, a little driftwood terrace which takes its title from a Madness song!

Phew, I feel exhausted!! I may take the weekend off. I hope you have a great time, whatever you are doing!

Tuesday 8 May 2012


 Not an exact replica, you understand, but anyone who has visited the picturesque Cornish fishing village will know of its higgledy piggledy houses and quirky old bridges. I was completely led by the materials in this piece, mainly the large "bridge" part, with its cut-out bit (exactly as I had found it on the beach!)

 I added steps and a slope on either side of the bank, and a piece of wood with several layers of blue peeling paint serves as the river.

 It was only after I had attached all the houses that I realised that should the inhabitants step out of their front doors, they might get a bit wet! But asthetics won over practicalities in the end!

 I have been making lots of cottages (only 5 weeks or so until the Contemporary Craft Festival - eek!)
This one is a bit special, as it has a rusty tin roof (again, exactly as I found it - holes and all)

And finally, it is my mums birthday tomorrow. She has had so many cards from me these last 4 decades, I worry about giving her the same thing twice, so I set about something new this morning. Following the new camper van and caravan designs, the next stop is the ice-cream van!
I hope she likes it. I may add it to my range later in the year.

Thanks for reading and for all your lovely comments lately!