Tuesday 4 September 2012

Summer break

Is 6 weeks really over already?! Hard to believe....I feel like I could do with another week with my boys at least! Maybe it was the holiday to Lacanau, France slap bang in the middle made it all go so quickly! I won't bore you with all my holiday snaps: here are just a few. It was most relaxing, very hot and the company was great. I didn't want to come home, and that isn't like me at all!

Having said that, it was good to get in the shed after the time away and have some fun!

Meet Margot. She is designed to stand in the garden

(Her copper "legs" simply push into the soil)

And Gilbert, who is suitable to display inside or out...

 This little anglerfish is fun. His new owner has named him Elvis!

In a moment of madness I have signed up to do 3 fairs in November/ Dec!
So I am saving even the tiniest little bits of wood to make Christmas tree decorations!

Sorry the "C" word just slipped out then, I do apologise! It is a bit early to be talking about it already....but I do try to be organised (it just never seems to work out for me!)

Anyway, I hope you all had as good a summer as I did. The sun has reappeared in these parts recently, so we will make it last as long as we can!