Friday 5 June 2009

Poor old Steve

You've got to feel sorry for someone who is meticulously tidy (definite OCD tendencies there) but who has decided to share his life with an artist who creates daily mess with scraps of fabric and tiny fragments of driftwood, not to mention the odd stray pin or needle in the carpet. Add to the equation our two young boys with their copious amounts of lego, crayons, action figures etc and Steve's fighting a losing battle.

He also hates stripes (?!)...which is a real shame because I adore them!
My latest purchase is this fab set of John Lewis mugs.

My fixation is also gradually creeping into the boys bedrooms.

Plus I've always dressed them both in stripes of one kind or another (much to their father's disgust).
I came across an adorable little towelling romper/jumpsuit by Mitty James the other day, and that's when he really put his foot down, in fact to quote his exact words, 'it's tantamount to child abuse'. I remember having a similar one when I was little and they're sooo comfortable. But somehow I don't think I'm going to change his mind on this one...


  1. Does he even have a say in it anymore? Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow xxx

  2. I adore stripes w/ polka dots!! hope you get to have your way with them =)
    ...visiting from your sister's blog hooray!

  3. I love all your stripes! I am so there with you with the messiness! I am Queen of crafty mess and my 3 boys leave lego everywhere. Poor husband also isn't quite as neat and tidy as he thinks he is....

  4. Gosh it's a small world, my best friend at art college was from Mayfield!
    It's 9pm and still working, bits of stuff everywhere - I need a lovely summerhouse/office with a lock on the door so that I can live in squalor in peace!

  5. Oh I love stripes and spots and your house looks beautiful! I too am lusting after a beautiful shed to work in.