Monday 29 March 2010

Weekend Wrecking*

It was the perfect start to the weekend... an early morning swim (excuse me for a second, while I polish my halo!) and then off to the beach to do a bit of treasure hunting while the tide was out.
Fancy coming with me? Oh go on!

The sun was trying its best to come out over Looe and Looe Island...

A jolly buoy that had been washed up...

Some lovely bits here, pity I didn't have a knife though, all the wood was tied up with rope...

Shame, I could have made a feature of the hole in this piece...

At last, a nice painted piece...I get so excited when I find nice bits like this!

And another! But it was well and truly wedged under this rock. I managed to snap about half of it off... and using both the above bits of weathered ply, made these!

Love the different washers ! The wall-hung boats are to sell at the Homespun Fair on Easter Monday (only a week away) but if no-one buys them they will go in my Folksy shop.

Lastly, I would like to say a big 'Thank You' to Dinky Daisy for this lovely lavender keyring which I won in her blog giveaway! Isn't it the cutest?

Back soon guys, enjoy your week!

* a local term for beachcombing, duh!


  1. They're great! Interesting to see the pieces of wood as you found them, I'd have passed them by not realising what attractive items they could be turned into.

  2. It certainly is and uummmmmm swimming!?? You deserve the halo.

    Have a great day,

    Nina x

  3. Oh I wish I was you, beachcombing all day and then creating wonderful pieces of work. As a kid I spent hours collecting on beaches then begging my parents to let me take all my treasures home, you get to do that every weekend !

  4. I am very lucky, aren't I? I get such a thrill finding interesting bits.... and what's more, it's free! I'm sure my children get a bit fed-up with it though!

  5. Ah what a perfect way to spend the weekend - beach combing!
    Lovely boats, as always!
    Have a super week, Kirsty,
    Denise x

  6. Your boats look fab and they'd both look great on my bathroom wall.
    I need to start looking at objects in a different light - I wouldn't have given those bits of washed up wood a second glance and there's you creating two beautiful pieces of art out of it.

  7. Very jealous, our beachcombing trip at the weekend only came up with a few bits of branches! The beaches on the North West are not the best places to search for treasures!! The boats look gorgeous.

  8. Oooo, you are very clever. Love your little boat. Lovely keyring you won too.
    Rachael xx

  9. Wow how jealous am I landlocked in deepest Lincolnshire. Still I can dream. Not the swimming bit though....BRRRR. How brave are you.

  10. Thankyou for taking us on your hunting trip - and look what you made with your finds. The boats are wonderful.

    Swimming though? As we Northerners say 'Parky!'

  11. Do you mean swimming in the sea?! brrrr!

    I feel so inspired seeing your journey along the beach with your findings! Its great to see how you've transformed a piece of material that a lot of people wouldn't look twice at, into a beautiful object. Huge fan of your work :)

  12. I think I need to clarify something here - my swim was at the local pool - not in the sea! That is something I usually only consider in August or September! Do you lot think I'm barking mad?

  13. I started to read your post and saw the word swim and the photo of the sea and thought you might be a bit bonkers! then realised you meant in a pool (as I see you have clarified). Lovely photos , I also envy your living by the sea and it's great to see the red and green pieces from driftwood to boat, they are perfect, as always.

  14. I went to Looe for my hols a couple of years age - a lovely spot but shame i had to share it with so many other tourists! Bet its bliss out of season.

  15. I wish we had that kind of drift wood on this side of the pond :) A few weeks ago my husband and I found a ton of wood washed up on a dock in New York City. We carried as much home as we could and I just hand painted some for my 52 Projects this week. It was fun!

  16. I love your photographs, have a great time at the fair too. I'd love to come down but its a little far for a day trip.