Wednesday 19 May 2010


Just a very quick post as we're off on holiday tomorrow and am still trying to get orders done and sent off. As yet we have no currency, no travel insurance - and my son's passport only arrived this morning! It has been a very stressful week for this reason, none of us could get excited - we'd discussed our plan B - that Steve and Herbie would go as planned and I'd stay with Bud until it came....which would have been pants for everyone! I swear I have aged 10 years in the last few days! If I didn't need a holiday before, I sure do now!!
But....the passport's here now, we'll start packing later - and might even have a little glass of something to put me in the holiday mood!

So I hope you all have a great 2 weeks, I'll be thinking of you in wet old Blighty whilst I'm lolling around on the beach in Skiathos!

Just hope this little man doesn't miss us too much...



  1. Dear Kirsty
    Your cat is gorgeous! He looks like a long furred version of my Milly :-)
    Wow, you're off to Skiathos - I'm only the tiniest (HUGEST!) bit envious of your trip! Many years ago I went to Skopolos and it was such a beautiful island - far too wonderful to want to leave ;-)
    Have a most wonderfully relaxed time - lolling on the beach sounds like the best thing to do!
    Denise x

  2. How can you leave that beautiful cat behind for two weeks......
    Have a super time, you lucky things.

  3. Not sure if I sent my comment! Have a wonderful time! Sweet little kitkat! suzie xxx

  4. Have a wonderful time! I'm sure the little man will let his feelings be known on your return!!! Karen x

  5. Are you not on permanant holiday, living by the sea in gorgeous Cornwall??? No, maybe not. Have fun, Ali x

  6. Oh have a lovely time, will look forward to seeing al the lovely pictures when you get back. and I too had a very similar experience with children's passports. It was awful, so I feel for you and am so glad that it turned up in time. L x

  7. Have a great time.
    (How do yours get two weeks half-term? Or are you being extremely naughty parents and allowing your kids to miss a week of education?) :) xx

  8. Have just started blogging so am trawling through the blogosphere and yours stands out as one that I will visit often - absolutely love what you make - inspiring.