Monday 12 July 2010

New boats

Hi folks, sorry it's been a while! I feel as though I've been chained to my sewing machine lately, not creating anything new unfortunately, just making a huge number of owl mobiles! So it was lovely to get out to the shed yesterday and build some new driftwood boats!
Remember I smuggled a few bits out from Greece? Well, here are a few of the finished products!

I adore that bright blue paint - reminds me of the sea over there...

And I love the hole that had naturally occurred in this piece...

This fantastic piece of wood was found more locally in Cornwall

I thought it lent itself well to a red, white and blue theme and I made some buoys from polystyrene balls and hung them from bakers twine....

This piece will be wall-mounted, but I haven't put the fittings on yet, so I photographed it on my bed; you get the idea though!
Some of these items will be available in my Folksy shop soon, but I need to keep some for the Homespun Fair which is only a few weeks away (don't tell anyone but I haven't got anything to sell yet!) I think there's some late nights ahead for me!
Have a good week my lovelies and a warm welcome to any new followers!


  1. welcome back!
    Love the blue paint- just so mediterranean!

    Not too many late nights

  2. Oh please, bring some of your wonderful, unique boats to our Homespun Fair. This time I will buy one, or maybe two, for our new Cornish home.

    See you soon,
    lots of love, Gerie

  3. Love love love your blog, Mrs. 61. Get making, you'll sell out in no time. But remember to eat and sleep too. Ax

  4. Oh they're perfect! That bright blue one is my favourite I think.

  5. They are just brilliant. I love anything driftwood and enjoy filling my coastal home with it. Karen.

  6. They are just wonderful
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. Just lovely Kirsty. I look at mine every day and smile. Laura x

  8. Fantastic work as always, I love them all!

  9. Love your little Greek boats. You have much better driftwood in the west country than we do here in the East!

  10. Bob, bob, bobbing.....along - hope you don't have too many late nights.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  11. Hello again!

    I have serious boat lust going on here...oh they're all so very lovely in their own way I can hardly pick a favourite!

    Its a wonderful gift you have for finding these random little bits of wood on the sand, which in your eye already have the making of something nautical and lovely! You are so very clever :)

    Sending you love
    Julia x x x

  12. Wow! Look at what you did with that driftwood from Skiathos! They're all so beautiful! In fact, your boats and pillows are perfect for the marine theme I want to create in my son's room. (that will be next year, by the way)

  13. Hi 'great to find your blog via your lovely comment. Your drifwood boats are amazing!!
    Off to read more :0)
    Jacquie x

  14. Beautiful things! I dream of living in Cornwall and creating wonderful things like these. Just trying to start out myself. Making the transition from office to artist....not easy!

    Have a look..I need all the help I can get!!!

  15. your boats make me smile..they are happiness on the waves!