Tuesday 3 August 2010

A sneak preview!

Thought I'd tease you with a few photos of what I'll be selling at the Homespun Fair on Sunday...

I'm quite pleased with this: won't be too disappointed if no-one buys it - I kinda like it around our house for now!

Lighthouse detail

Driftwood boats

New collages

Hope you can make it! There will be plenty of cake!!


  1. Oh boy, Kirsty! I do love your stuff! Wish I lived down your way. Thank you Kirsty for your kind comment. You're a dear girl. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. cake- I'm on my way :))

    Aren't we all the same- we buy or make what we love beacuse if we didn't love it we couldn't do it.
    Then we don't want to sell it.
    So we keep it, and don't make money like we oughta!

    I remember selling at Alexandra Palace antique fair ages back. I had a 1930s bunny amongst my stock, fully-dressed in faded florals and a matching bonnet.
    I'd had a REAL struggle when I packed her, and when the first person picked her up I made up some excuse that she had already been sold and apologised profusely.
    She came back home again and sat on the kitchen dresser for years (as they do)- I'll never forget Ted's face as he rolled his eyes heavenwards!

    Good luck with your fair

  3. Glad its not just me who makes things then can't bring myself to sell them, then I get dissapointed when no-one buys either - can't win..........
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. Oooo. Don't tease me with the detail from the lighthouse...I want to see the whole thing. I don't want you to sell it- it would look very good in my house, better than in yours!

    Hope you do very very well at the fair. Ax

  5. oohh if only I lived closer, I would love to go to the homespun fair :-( Cakes and lovely makes, what a fab combo.

  6. You naughty girl, tempting us all with those gorgeous things! :)
    I wish I lived nearer too, I would be there like a flash to have a good look round and spend oodles of pennies on scrumptious things!

    Hope it goes well for you!

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  7. Looking forward to seeing your stall on Sunday as I'll be there too...with my fabrics (madly ironing at the mo!)


  8. Gorgeous...I know it will be fabulous wish I was there...have loads of fun....
    Hugs Lynn

  9. Good luck for Sunday, i would be so gutted if any of those sold to be honest, lovely makes!
    Kandi x

  10. Hi Kirsty...
    Good luck for Sunday... hope your goodies sell well.. always think cake is a jolly good idea...!! :o)

  11. Your work is gorgeous! Wish I could be there- really-Good luck with it all-
    Annamaria :)

  12. Hi - just found you through Sal Snippet's blog! I love your work - and I laughed at the bit in your previous post about your 'mess'. One of the reasons we bought this house was that it had an ourbuilding which could be converted into a studio for me, to get all my mess out of the house!!

  13. I am hoping to be there Kirsty, as a customer, so it will be lovely to meet you in person x

  14. Hello Kirsty..
    Lovely work!
    Thank you for your comment.. I look forward to meeting you on Sunday.
    Michele x