Monday 28 March 2011

It's been a productive week...

...for us in the Sixty One A household!

I've been putting the decorative touches to some of the boats we started last weekend....

I've also been experimenting with placing some of my pieces in box frames...

The cottages are sold, but the boat is available in my Folksy shop...

My latest batch of Moo postcards arrived a couple of days ago...

...this one is my favourite!

and I picked up 2 of my collages from the framers...
The small one of St Ives is available in my shop: the Portscatho picture will be coming with me to Homespun Fair!
Steve's been busy too!

He made me a little desk caddy from a chunky piece of driftwood...

...and this cool composter (also from wood found on the beach!)

Speaking of which - I didn't show you a photo of what we came across on the beach a couple of weeks ago - the back end of a boat! We're going to transform it into a garden bench - I'll keep you posted on that one!

Another fab acquisiton which we've been storing for about 12 months - a huge cable reel!
I originally wanted the whole thing as a table in the boys room, but it was just too big, so Steve's just taken the top for now and put some legs on. Remember the upcycled pallet chairs he made a while back? Well, he's got 3 more to make now! Then hopefully this gorgeous weather will continue and we can start eating outside soon!

And finally, all this crafting seems to be rubbing off on the kids! How do you like this rather primitive dog that Buddy knocked together yesterday?!
Phew! That seemed like a long post! Have a good week, folks!


  1. Ah fab post! love all your wonderful creations! what a talented family!:)

  2. Love your latest pieces, especially mounted in the box frames. Can't wait to see how that bench is transformed! Have a good week x

  3. Fantastic - you've been super busy of late, I wish I had half your energy!! Well done with it all, very inspiring!
    Love J x

  4. Lovely stuff as always Kirsty. We also have one of those giant cable reels in our garden. You have inspired me to do something with it (or, more accurately, project manage Rich to do something with it!)

  5. wow, what a lot of finished projects!! I don't know many people who would start that many, never mind finish them - and they all look great, love the dog!

  6. Oh gosh I love the garden bench so so much and the table!! What amazing things you find on your beach, all I find on ours are shells, glass, driftwood oh and last week a really large bouy! There are no doubt bigger bouys but it was about 5ft across/high and wouldn't fit in my car. lol not that I know what I'd have done with it if I'd got it home hehe

  7. Wonderful pieces, love the dog!

  8. Busy busy busy. Love the boat postcard too. Hope you're getting some sunshine, Ax

  9. You seem to get a better class of 'stuff' on you beaches than we do here on the East coast!
    Lovely things, as ever.

  10. Hey Kirsty amazing beach finds. You've all been busy.
    Could use one of Steve's desk caddy's for all my cotton reels..........He's a very handyman. Can't wait to see the garden bench when it's finished.

    Your Moo cards look great and I love the box frame pieces.

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :)

  11. You are so talented. I love the little cottages. Thanks for sharing. xxx

  12. the sea is so generous and you use it's bounty so imaginatively. Thanks for showing us your lovely creations.

  13. wow you've been busy, you even had time to leave a funny pirate joke on my blog too....Awesome lol ;)

    I love everything you make as always but I am loving those postcards too, are they in your folksy shop?
    It's ok you don't need to answer, i'm going to pop over and have a looksie for myself :)

    Micki x

  14. Love all the crafting and DIY going on at yours! Aahh my little boy also makes things from wood, it does make me smile hearing him busy in the garage.

  15. I love your work! I'll be coming back to have a look at everything when I have more time. Very inspiring stuff!

  16. wonderful creations as always kirsty x
    i love the wooden 'sold' cottages- sooo very sweet ;0)x