Thursday 21 June 2012

The Contemporary Craft Festival 2012

It already feels like ages ago, but this time last week I had just set up ready for the Contemporary Craft Festival in Bovey Tracey, Devon.
Steve very kindly made the dresser for me which really set the work off, though it weighed a ton and I don't fancy moving it too often!

Was all the hard work worth it? It certainly was....I had a cracking time, and lots of sales too!

What was especially nice (apart from lovely feedback and lots of customers despite wind and rain) was that it is fairly local to me, so there were lots of familiar faces....including a few from school which I hadn't seen in over 20 years!

As you can see from the website, the work was of a really high standard and was truly inspiring for exhibitors and customers alike! Hard to pick a favourite, but here are a few...

Beautiful ceramics in pretty colours by Suet Yi

Anya Keeley's stand was dream-like (couldn't resist this spoon fairy!)

Love Katrin Moye's intricate pattern and use of colour!

And Julia Jowett's wirework dolls were just exquisite.

Thanks to Sarah James and her team for organising such a fabulous event! I really hope I can take part again someday!


  1. Its no wonder your sales were good, lovely, appealing work. I also really like your header collage, but, I think I may have said that before.

  2. Wow that dresser looks amazing and with all your pieces on it it truly is a work of art in itself.
    Congratulations on your successful day and having a stunning booth too!!

  3. your stall looked fabulous and have to say I am loving the Karin Moye's bowl - are these things you bought for yourself?

    Glad it was a great success for you xxx

  4. I'm not suprised you did well! Your stall looks amazing. It's good to hear that there are still folk out there supporting and buying handmade despite the crazy recession and such. I've been making a fair few birds lately and I had a lovely solitary (no kids in tow..such a treat)walk on the beach on Tuesday and had a great time beach combing. I found a few lovely pieces with holes in that I was planning on making into bird houses..then Ive just now seen your last post...with lovely birdhouses! Love your work, particularly the ones with the little washing lines...they really make me smile.
    lisa :)

  5. Stand looked great esp. that sideboard! Have you got a place for it at home?

  6. I love your dresser! I'm sure it was hard to move it, but I think it was worth having it there - everything went so well together. Your huts are very cute, they are a must have in any house on the coast!

  7. Your stall looked wonderful and that dresser is amazing! Steve is such a clever chappy. Congratulations on your sales you truly deserve it :) xxx

  8. wonderful! I will also look at the links you give. thank you and have a nice weekend!

  9. Hi Kirsty

    The cupboard looks really smashing. It sets your pieces off beautifully. Glad you had such a successful day. I've been following you on Facebook and I know you worked really hard for the show so you deserved to have a good day. :)

    What material did you use for the white shelves on top of the cupboard?


  10. Your stand looks AMAZING Kirsty! For the last couple of years I've not been able to go to the Bovey Tracey Fair as it clashes with my week's holiday on the Scillies, and from your other photos it looks like there were gorgeous things for sale! I wish I could have come......maybe I won't go to the Scillies next year......
    Really well done; I'm so glad it was a big success x

  11. Kirsty, your stall looks fabulous and so glad to hear you had a great time. Must have been hard to resist all the other gorgeous work too. Kx

  12. Your lovely work looks gorgeous on the dresser and thank you for the peek ata few the other ehibitors

  13. What a stunning stall Kirsty - So plesed it all went so well.
    Please pop over for a quick visit, I have something for you :o)
    Rose H

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