Wednesday 25 July 2012

Little commissions and other work

 Goodness me, it has been such a long time since I last blogged: it only dawned on me when I realised how many photos I was uploading on to this post (though I have been busy too!)

I've undertaken a couple of lovely special orders recently. This first one was for a friend who requested a cottage with a birdhouse and washing line....and a heart if possible.

So I stitched a little one on to the laundry. Subtle but sweet I thought!

This next one is really quite exciting! I had the pleasure of meeting a customer recently who has gutted her newly purchased delapidated cottage, and done much of the renovations herself. I found her utterly inspiring! Anyway, she asked me to make a little driftwood copy of her house. The slate roof is part of the original roof (now replaced) and she gave me a little tester pot of the exterior paint, so that the colour is perfect!

Recycling at its best!

Here are some other recent pieces...

These cottages, complete with post box. I love the red and green together.

I found this amazing piece of driftwood and knew immediately I was going to use it for crashing waves!
 Little seaside houses in co-ordinating and a lighthouse complete the scene.

Lots more cottages: townhouses and country houses.

Quirky miniature vehicles of one kind...

....and another...

A dwelling that looks like it should sit on a Loch somewhere...

This little oak barn is only a few centimetres high!

Something a little bit different. The windmill sails are made from nails and offcuts from an old wire basket.

So, the summer holidays are here again. I don't like the last week of term because it makes me realise how fast time is flying by, and that my boys are getting older! They were both extremely fortunate to have brilliant teachers this year, so I made a few small gifts as tokens of my appreciation!

Well that's all folks!! I hope you are all enjoying the glorious weather we are having at the moment!
NB If you are in Cornwall on Sunday 5th August, why not visit Homespun Fair in Portscatho? I'll be there selling my wares along with lots of other lovely ladies....and there will be cake! Nuff said!


  1. What gorgeous little worlds you create Kirsty, I can't look at driftwood now without imagining what it would magically become in you hands!

  2. The second commission is for a good friend of mine and her house is amazing! I love that its made from real slate and paint from the house, it's gorgeous. I was really excited when she mentioned about getting one made of her house! Fabulous work :) I'm hoping that i'll be able to come to the Homespun Fair if I'm not away. Look forward to seeing you and all the lovely craft! x

  3. More wonderful creations Kirsty :o) I love the commision piece made from the ladies renovation rubbish!
    I meant to post before that I bought the August edition Ideal Home magazine and really enjoyed the article about your and your lovely home. I should have known that it would contain beautiful, recycled one-off pieces, an absolute credit to you and your hubby :o)
    Very best wishes
    Rose H

  4. OH WOW! Your work just keeps getting better and better. Each new photo I let out a little squeal of delight. I'm showing Genevieve this post when she gets from Uni tonight, she adores your work as do I.
    Thank you SO much for sharing.
    Emjoy the holidays.
    Anne xx

  5. so much loveliness
    especially like the cute caravan

    i have taken the liberty
    of link sharing this post
    on my new weekly feature
    'seventh day creation' here:

    {hope you don't object}
    meanwhile if you like what you see
    please join in in the future
    and share if you so care

    happy creating
    x ... ***

  6. Adorable! I just love the little washing lines.

  7. Loch Cottage is divine. As are the bird box and post box.
    Happy hols to you,

  8. Beautiful work....Always!!! Love them all x

  9. Hi, I found your blog by chance, via pinterest and love it!! I saw almost everything in it. I adore the seaside, driftwood and coastal style, too. I find yours is pure art. I'd like to buy something from you but I really can't decide what..I like too many things!
    many hugs and congrats
    Chiara from Italy

  10. Just adore the little cottages and the lighthouse, its gorgeous !! Also, the washing line and post boxes are amazing !

  11. So much gorgeous inspiration, I love your cottages. The white one is similar to ones I have in my paintings. You must have a wonderful supply of old driftwood.

  12. Super Teachers' pressies. Loving the commissions & going to make BIG hints to the family for my next birthday !

  13. i'm in love with the crashing waves piece! beautiful!

  14. Love that your world - real or imagined - is so lovely and simple. Maybe lovely because it seems so simple! Glad I am allowed to stop by for a life lesson every so often!

  15. When we lived in cornwall for a short period when I was young we used to burn driftwood on the open fire and chuck any nails in the bin, who knew that someone would one day make such amazingly cute creations out of what we saw nothing in. (Please dont take offence I mean this in the nicest possible way, I looove the little washing line of clothes, please keep posting):D

  16. Beautiful. Lovely work, very magical. If you ever want to use our fabrics on the washing line just let me know and I will send some pieces down to you.

  17. Your bus... it... it's an amazing...
    It's a reminder of my childhood.
    It's incredible!
    Thank you!

  18. Ciao! Ti ho appena scoperta. La tua arte è straordinaria...i tuoi lavori sono "poetici". I miei complimenti!
    Un saluto da Roma.