Saturday 6 October 2012

Making waves

Oh dear, it has been such a long time since my last post I think the only thing I can do is to show you in pictures what I have been up to...with a brief explanation underneath. It will take me a week to write otherwise!!

"Making Waves"
I decided to piece all my odd bits of blue driftwood together to give an impression of waves, so this piece is quite deep. I particularly like the curvy piece at the very front.

This chunky boat is basically one piece of wood which was the end of a huge hunk of wood. Most of it was burnt, but I could see it could still be salvaged. A found weight has been used for a buoy...and I mananged to bend a bit of an old chisel around the mast to make a flag.

"Herman The Whale" - as soon as he is properly finished, he will be going into my shop.

Almshouses with living in sunnier climes in Australia!

Customers are always telling me I need to include some knickers on my washing lines.....!!

A large free-standing piece ready to go off to an exhibition here

"Houses on the Lake"

These farm buildings have rusty tin roofs....the smaller one is actually an old hinge.

A custom-made key rack for a lovely customer!

Cottages in rich, autumnal colours

Tiny welsh cottages

Houses on a jetty

And finally!! That dreaded word again.......*whispers* Christmas

Q: When is a plasterboard screw not a plasterboard screw?

A: When it's a Christmas tree!!

And this postbox is actually a floorboard nail with a lick of red paint...and a dusting of "snow" on the top!

Both of the above designs are available as printed Christmas cards on my website.

Phew! If you have reached the end of this marathon post, then well done, and thank you for reading my ramblings!!
Best wishes to you all.


  1. Love everything you have been working on. The key rack is a great idea. "making waves" is my favorite, I think. They are all wonderful. How is your "Gift from the Sea" reading coming along?

    Cindy Bee

  2. You are really clever. Everything is gorgeous
    Julie xxxxxx

  3. it's not possible not to reach the end of your posts...
    it is so beautiful!!!

  4. What a fabulous post catching up on all your creative makes. Loving the Christmas Tree!!
    Anne xx

  5. I so enjoyed reading this post and will come back and read more. I LOVE your creations!


  6. You are so clever how you spot the potential in thongs... Sonmewhat in awe....


  7. Wonderful pieces as always.

  8. I love the things you make! You are soooo creative!

  9. I love this work. Especially the whale, just gorgeous

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  11. love the spotty knickers on the washing line!! Brilliant, fun and inspiring work ;)
    (I had to delete the first I wrote 'knockers' instead of knickers...whoops!)

  12. I think I'd like to live in your little wooden world. Everything is so pretty!

  13. Fabulous. Nice to see what you've been up to...especially now that some of your houses have become residents of my mantelpiece. Might have to build a whole village. Plasterboard screw Christmas tree is genius! You are very clever indeed.

  14. Nice to read you again… and your customers are right : your washing lines are fabulous! warm greetings from grey Paris!

  15. Hi Kirsty, oh my goodness such lovely work! I want to own it all!! looking forward to following x

  16. I just found your blog, and love your work Kirsty.

  17. hello from Mir compliments for your blog and your creations, really nice, I also love a lot of the sea, I'm in Italy, but you can see the Cornwall is one of my dreams .. I leave you a hello and if you like you can go to see my blog .. hello good day

  18. You are absolutely brilliant!!!! I think..... how can she top,what she's already done...and then you do!!!!!!
    These are just fantastic!!!!

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