Monday 21 January 2013

If you see a crocodile....

 ....don't forget to scream!!!

 Ha ha! I found this great piece of wood a while back and though it was perfect for a croc's nose - the nostril and eye are in just the right place! I found a rusty old saw blade in the shed and used them for the bottom teeth, and added a few nails for the top ones. Say cheese!

Ye Olde Water Mill

I was given a couple of old model railway wheels, so I thought I would make a water wheel. The base part has some lovely touches of turquoise paint suggesting water.

 Safe Passage

The piece of wood above was a bit special. I knew I wanted to use it as a wave, but as it dried out, it separated to form fingers and a thumb! A helping hand!

This is only a small piece, but the driftwood I have used as the water was too beautiful not to utilise! I made a few houses to match the reflections and also added a street light.

In all my days "wrecking" on our beaches, I have normally turned my nose up at plywood! But no more!
I have started painting it to add as a backdrop to some pieces - and I am liking the extra colour!

Believe it or not, I am still getting orders for snowy, Christmassy scenes!
Brrrrrrr! I hope you are keeping warm. Stay safe! xxx


  1. Love the croc!!! You have such a way with wood, you see things that others do not, talented lady :)

  2. Wow such talent! Love the croc! x Joan

  3. I agree about the plywood, good to use painted as a backdrop.

    I really like the 'ye olde water mill' piece, with the unpainted walls, it has a warmth and charm to it.

    Beautiful work, as always,


  4. I love the last one with the red post box it will just match my "his and hers bikes) Lucey x PS I'll e mail you. x

  5. what a gentle crocodile smile! warm geetings from grey, cold and wwet Paris!

  6. I just love your work - it is absolutely wonderful!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. such cool work you amaze me.

  8. great piece and title (safe passage) LOVE the organic evolution of creativity (through drying)

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  10. Sorry, comment was removed but i just wanted to say: i love the fact that you look at a piece of wood and see what nobody else saw, until you show it to us..

  11. These pieces are all amazing. I love your work.

  12. "Safe Passage" is not just beautiful - it is really art!

  13. Beautiful work - I love it all!

  14. I really love your work! :)
    Would love to visit a workshop, just for fun :)

  15. really interesting work, love it !!!

  16. Wow, I love your wood pieces. since I live at the beach I remember scavenging for pieces to make artwork. Thanks for the insperation.

    mz. em