Sunday, 20 September 2009

Rockin' robins

So, have a guess what I've been making today!

I've had an order for 50 of these for a gallery so I think I may get fed up with them very soon!

Available now on Folksy.


  1. HOW?
    can you get fed up of these cuteies, yes even after 30. I heart them the best so far and I think that's saying something!

  2. Oh I love them so much. Can I have a couple of mobiles maybe with 5 on each for the festive season. Not sure i will be taking them down after though!

  3. I love them too. I'd like to fill my whole tree with them...what did you end up stuffing them with?

  4. I love them so much, I've just been over to your foksy store and bought 4 - one of each design! Can't wait for Christmas. Do you sell them wholesale - I would be very interested in the spotty ones if you did?