Saturday, 26 September 2009


Tea Towel by Poppy Treffry
I managed to escape to the beach for a couple of hours yesterday - bliss! Unfortunately there was little driftwood there, but the birds...! Cormorants, oyster catchers, even a heron - just amazing! Typically I didn't have my camera with me (and I was pretty close to them,damn!) but it got me thinking about making some stuffed fabric oyster catchers - I can just see them with their long bright orange bills, maybe in polka dot? There's no way I can do these until after Chrimbo but will give it a go afterwards when things go quiet. I'm also thinking about adapting my robins and doing some chicks or chickens for Spring/Easter. I'm not sure where this bird fetish has come from, I can only assume I've been influenced by the work I've been looking at lately...

Aren't they great? The top two are by Ann Wood, the bottom two by Tamar Mogendorff. Inspirational!


  1. I love the tea towel, I want that for my prents for christmas! and the birds at the bottom are cute too.

  2. You should definitely do Easter chicks, I think they are a winner. I am loving the Tamar Mogendorff birds. Bx