Monday 14 December 2009

Christmas Makers Market (Part 2)

So that's the last of my Christmas Fayres for another year! Here is a photo of my little pitch, I wish I had taken a picture from further back, because I was in front of a huge window with a beautiful view of St Andrews Church in Ashburton - and with bright sunshine and blue skies, it made for a truly amazing backdrop!
Anyway, I'm not going to bore you with my wares, you've seen them all before, instead I thought I'd share some photos of some other work on display. Here are some of my favourites...

First up, these love birds by textile artist Rose Tydeman. Her felt birds are so vibrant and beautiful - just like her! I love the intense colours - you can see more of her work here.

This sweet little folk angel by Kathryn Craddock caught my eye...

My absolute favourite work for sale was that by kinetic sculptor Michael Chaikin. These copper reindeer were simply stunning. I would have loved a set of eight, but at £45 each they were slightly over my budget!

And check out his copper shark, which moves in a remarkably lifelike fashion when nudged or is blown by the wind (it is intended to be hung outside.) I'm afraid my photo doesn't do it justice at all, it was awesome! I was thrilled for him when a couple bought it to hang above their swimming pool (how the other half live!) You can see more of Michael's work here.
Anyway, I enjoyed the event thoroughly. It makes a refreshing change to escape being 'just a mum' for a day and you always meet lots of interesting people and a few barking ones as well!

By the way, I sold the Mistletoe Robins!


  1. No suprise there - your table display looks lovely! Hope you did well. Have a lovely Christmas and will be in touch in the new year!

  2. I knew the robins would sell, darn it :) I would love some Kirsty, but I havn't got the moeny for them til the next paycheck. I'll contact you then about them hopefully, I've still got your email. thank you for answering though!glad the fair went well. xx

  3. lovely, lovely.... bet you're glad you haven't gotta make any more robins for a while...? ;oD

  4. Your stall looks lovely Kirsty and I am not surprised one little bit that the mistletoe robins sold. How cute are they? I'm loving my little bird will try and post a picture of where he is hanging so that you can see. x