Sunday 6 December 2009

Happy Birthday...

to my scrummy niece Molly - here's what I made for her pressie...

I am actually pretty fed up of making these birds now, but it was nice to do a variation - 4 birds perched on a driftwood stick held up with wire and hung from a piece of sheer ribbon. Now I've gone and got more ideas for Christmas robins and there's only 5 days until my last Christmas Fayre! Talk about leaving it until the last minute!

Oh and here's a shot of her birthday card to match. Have a great week folks!


  1. Mmm... know wot you mean I've made 20 pigging angels..... happy days eh!? ;o)

  2. that is just too cute, I love how they're all leaning at different angles, they look like they're singing together! (in my mind...)

  3. Absolutely gorgeous - I only have a few of your gorgeous robins left - many, many lovely comments too! I can't wait to put up a few more next week when we decorate the tree! Have a lovely Christmas if I don't get chance to comment again1

  4. What a lovely auntie you are. She's going to love them!