Monday 25 January 2010

Pretty In Pink

Continuing with the Seahorse theme, I thought I would make a larger one (this one is 40cm tall). It's not intended as a toy, however, I thought how lovely they would look as a family on the wall - mum or dad with their young. I know that the father carries the babies, but I'm just offering a choice! Not wanting to reinforce sexual stereotypes at all, but we all know how much girls LOVE pink!

So I attached a loop of ribbon to the back....

I can just imagine some little baby ones drifting along this a bad idea? As naff as Hilda Ogden's flying ducks?! I really enjoyed making it actually. The lovely spotty fabric was an ebay find, and it's a really lightweight linen, so looks great and is nice to work with (turning the tail inside out would have been really fiddly with a thicker fabric).

Watch this space, I'll be sure to post a photo of the whole herd, wait, that sounds wrong, family! when I've finished.
Talking of pink, I found these fab bits of driftwood at the beach yesterday...

Lovely, distressed paint...the top white layer is flaking off to reveal a sort of salmon-coloured paint underneath.
Perfect for making boats - will be sure to show you them when they're made too. I'm going to be busy, aren't I?


  1. Much better than flying ducks - though tbh I quite liked those *blush*.

  2. That would be a nice idea, I can imagine them too, it will look cute! Nice driftwood :)

  3. I love the driftwood such a perfect distressed colour and not Hilda at all the flying seahorses sound perfect.

  4. I think the seahorse family sound lovely!great idea!

  5. Noooo I LOVE the idea of the seahorse family! I've decided "more is more" lately and I think it would be gorgeous :)

    Mel xxx

  6. S/he looks so friendly! I think a family would look great. Hilda's ducks were naff because they were on that hidious 'Muriel' and one was always wonky. Feel confident that your seahorse family will be as far away from this naffness as it's possible to be. (Did love the Ogdens though, bless 'em.)

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment today , Hub is okay , condsidering... Love your seahorse, I'm curious as to where you got your ribbon from as I;ve been looking for some just like that?