Sunday 24 January 2010

Birthday Party

Remember it was Buddy's birthday just after Christmas (which seems like ages ago!) Well we finally got around to holding a party for him and his friends. He had wanted to go to the cinema with a few of them, but the nearest one is 20 miles away and we don't drive a minibus so it wasn't really an option. Instead, Steve borrowed the projector from work and we had a viewing in our own home, meaning that the boy could have more friends to join in the fun!
Pretend cinema tickets were sent out with the invitations and Steve rigged it all up via the computer (I'm totally useless at that kind of thing!)

I was the usherette...

Do you remember the good old days when there used to be an interval and they used to come in with trays of ice-cream etc? Or are you not as old as me?!
Buddy wanted a Dalek cake which allowed to me to go to town with butter icing and sweets! I did use a bit of artistic license (before any die-hard Dr Who fans tell me it's not right!) And it's not wax running down the sides, that's where the After Eights started melting!

I used a fab website for partybag goodies including the bags themselves - check out Partybox!

Anyway I have to confess I was hugely relieved when it was all over! I think it was Johnny Vegas who said that children are like farts - you quite like your own, but you can barely tolerate other people's!
On that note, I'll say goodbye! Have a good week!


  1. What a great idea. I DO remember the interval. Oh dear that is showing our age!!!
    Your cake looks amazing. My son has just walked past and now he wants one for his birthday!!!! Great:)
    That saying about children is great. Very funny and maybe a little bit true.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
    Rachael XX

  2. The interval ('intermission' surely?) I remember the most was the one during Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - just as the car drove over the cliff. A collective cry of protest from the whole audience!
    What a great idea for a party and well done on the cake. Excellent! xx

  3. The dalek cake looks great, excellent idea. I also liked the Johnny Vegas quote - it raised a chuckle from me!

  4. What lovely 'farts' you & your husband are tho.., I bet the children had a truly FAB time...!!!! :oD

  5. The fart quote made me laugh out loud! Not heard that one before!!!
    Party sounds great fun though and yes, of course I remember the usherette with the ice creams!!!
    D x

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  7. I still feel slightly scarred by the whole event. 12 7yr old boys was just too much for me, I am amazed by your patience!
    Enjoyed the tea and popcorn with your lovely ladies though xxx

  8. oh yes, I remember the usherette , couldn't wait to get an ice cream lol ---- cake looks amazing

  9. Very creative mom! The cake looks amazing- these kids must have had an awesome time!
    Annamaria :)

  10. Our local cinema still did the interval with trays of icecreams until quite recently!
    Great Dalek cake!