Tuesday 16 March 2010

Fantastic Mr Fox!

Another cushion! I had real fun with this one! He was inspired largely by 'Rosie's Walk' by Pat Hutchins (this book is over 40 years old, but still looks fabulous today - love the retro illustrations) and various designs by scandinavian design company Isak.
It's funny, six months ago I would never have dreamed of using fabric like this...

I am obviously venturing out of my comfort zone (although I do always go back to spots and stripes!)
I am rather fond of his dandy polka dot cravat - that kind of evolved as I was working - I found the red spot fabric at the bottom of the cupboard and thought it would match quite well. I can't decide whether he is Fantastic Mr Fox or the character from Pinocchio!
It was lovely giving him some instant clothes and a tail... I felt like that bloke from 'Art Attack'!
Just managed to take the top photo before my youngest added his own accessories!!

Fantastic Mr Fox meets Eddie Izzard! Hope you're having a good week!


  1. He truly is fantastic, I love him! Also love the Eddie Izzard shot - nice shoes! Bx

  2. Most difinitely a 'Fantastic' Mr Fox - he's gorgeous Kirsty...you are ever so talented.

    Have a lovely day - the sun is shining here and Kirste and Phil are in town (again) today, well Westgate selling the area to unsuspecting buyers!!

    Nina x

  3. He is very special Kirsty, but alas I am somewhat off chickens at the moment as our Mr Fox killed all our chickens last weekend. I shall try not to take it on your magnificent beast. L x

  4. For some reason foxes have to be classy, don't they. I can't imagine a cockney fox!
    I love the fabric you've chosen for the nose strip. Perfect. xx

  5. He is fab, well don,
    Have fun,
    Rachael XX

  6. ahh I love it! I love the fabric you have chosen :)

  7. Wowzers my sister - he is ace. You kept him quiet. What you gonna do with him? Going to folksy? x

  8. He truly is fantastic!

    My daughter would love him, will show her after school.

  9. What a clever charmer , your Mr.Fox- !you are so talented- I love the photo with the clothes as well- so fun!The fabrics you've chosen are very attractive, you do very well beyond your comfort zone, no worries there! :)

    Annamaria xx

  10. WOW! Lovely Mr. Fox indeed!

    You are a great inspiration!

  11. he's so cute!! I was gonna make a fox pillow too :) but a much simpler one than this hahahahaa