Monday 8 November 2010

And the winner is....

.....(and I'm delighted about this)..... Amanda!
Now, regular and astute readers may remember that I won Amanda's Giveaway not long ago. So when my little boy picked her name out of the hat, my second thought (the first being 'Yay, I know how much she loves those robins') was 'Oh bum, this isn't going to look good!' But, people, you're going to have to take my word for it! The girl won it fair and square, so, Amanda, if you can message me with your address, I'll send the goodies on to you. Congratulations lovely lady, Christmas might have come a little bit early for you this year! And thank you to everyone who entered and left such lovely comments too!

I've been pretty busy making bits for Christmas Fayres etc - I took advantage of a special offer with Moo and received these super cute stickers last week. They only measure about 3cm wide.

I also bought myself a stamp set recently, and have been using them on my driftwood Christmas cards.
In the New Year, I might start making some personalised pictures or cards for children incorporating text using these stamps - but no time at the minute!
I had a bit of a lightbulb moment yesterday when I decided to combine two of my designs: the Owl In The Moon mobile and the cinnamon robins - and this is the result!

A Cinnamon Owl - perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree and available in my Folksy shop now!

And finally, I'm beginning to think that I should give joint ownership of this blog to Steve, who's been creating again: this time not with pallets or driftwood but cardboard and duct tape!

Here's Herbie who pestered his daddy to make him a shield (he got one, and a matching helmet to boot) but has now decided he wants him to make a dragon too! Some people are never satisfied!!


  1. Im having a bit of a foot stamping moment, with a few shouty 'damns' thrown in for good measure!! hee hee, well done to Amanda though, a gorgeous prize!! Love the new owls by the way, also love how ideas just pop into our creative little bonces like that - you would make such gorgeous pictures for small people, I can just imagine!

    Mucho love
    Julia x x x

  2. Those stickers are so cute (I'm off to Moo....). And that's a great knight :) - defending well!

  3. LOL Julia. You and me both :0)
    Just popping by to say well done Amanda, lucky lady :0)
    Smiling about the dragon. Good luck with that one. Be sure to share the pictures though;0) Well done Daddy.
    Is there no end to the talents in your household.
    Enjoy your week,
    Rachael X

  4. Congratulations my dear friend Amanda. I am smiling for you, enjoy :)
    Heather x

  5. AAaahh! I can't believe it Kirsty! How bloomin' lucky am I? I can't tell you how well timed that piece of extremely good news is! After a crappy day that has finally put a big smile on my face! Thank you so much my dear. I'm very happy. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  6. Yay for Amanda - I can't believe that I didn't get around to entering - I kept meaning to but just had things cropping off. However, if it meant that Amanda won I am thrilled!!! Love Kate xxooxx.
    p.s. I love the medieval getup - Archie will think it is amazing.

  7. The stickers and card are fabulous, as always!
    Your little boy is a real Knight!Well done to both of you!

    Congratulations, Amanda!What a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit!

  8. Lucky Amanda!
    The stickers are very cute :)

  9. Congratulations Amanda! love the little moo stickers and your cinnamon owl and your cute stampers, wonderful :) your all so talented!

  10. Well done Amanda!
    Nice moo stickers Kirsty :)

  11. Well done to the winner...lucky lady!!!

    What fab stickers!

    Love Lou xxx