Monday 14 February 2011

Driftwood and slate (cont)

Well, wouldn't you know it, it's Monday again! Had a lovely fruitful trip to the beach on Saturday, then spent some of yesterday in the shed creating with my finds!
I've decided to do some more cottages with slate roofs (the one from the last post is sold). Hope you're not getting bored with these by now!

The blue piece of driftwood was found at the weekend, the lovely red bit has been waiting in my shed for 'the right moment!'

The Cornish cottage below is made from two pieces of wood: I painted the main part white, then layered the grey driftwood piece on top. These slate-hung buildings are common around here - our house is quite similar in fact! The chimneys are rusty nails, as before.

Both are for sale on my website and on Folksy.
Last week I finally got around to creating an Etsy shop! For now I've only listed my lighter-weight items, we'll see how it goes - I had my first sale last night!
All that remains for me to say is Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you all remembered!


  1. How could we ever get bored of these beauties!!
    They are all as usual wonderful!!

    Micki x

  2. Stunning - I love driftwood. xx

  3. Bored??! Not likely! Good for you setting up your shops - I am trying to set one up and finding myself most horribly lacking in IT know-how!xx

  4. Love the little boats, I'm hoping to get my Etsy shop going soon.
    Good luck.

    Diane. x

  5. Love how you produce so many different pieces so quickly Kirsty, I think I definitely need to step up my work rate, haha, am feeling unproductive in comparison! Love this one - combining both boat and cottages is a great idea x

  6. Bored?! Not likely!
    I just wish I could buy one...But, the bills always come first! I'd also have to be pretty nifty if I could, they go like hot cakes!
    Keep 'em coming I say!

    Sandie xx

  7. Beautiful cottages! Happy Valentines to you t00!