Monday 28 February 2011

Last week

Thank you so much for your comments and suggestions for Moby over the last week! In the end I took up Claire's idea of adding a few fish - this way I was able to add a bit more colour. But I do love the idea of a baby whale with it's parent, so watch this space!

This one was sold from my Folksy shop at the weekend, but I am sure to make more!
I've been busy putting some of my smaller pieces in white box frames and am pleased with the way they're looking...

Here's a couple of sketches I did on the sewing machine. As soon as I saw the fabric in the picture above, it said to me 'Peacock Tail'!

This one is sold - yay!

And some of my driftwood pieces - these look great in groups I think - maybe 3 in a row?

And finally (I'm quite excited about this) I just picked up my Polperro collage from the framers! You can probably see it's still wrapped up! I've listed it in my shops here and here....but to be honest I kind of like it in my bedroom for the moment!!

Have a great week folks!


  1. The addition of fish has really finished this piece beautifully. Your collage is fantastic and I love all the close ups you have taken. Have alovely week too! K x

  2. Moby looks great, the other fish just finish it off!
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Bet you will be sad to part with your Polperro collage when it sells, I know I would, it's so lovely! The boat cards I bought for my parents for xmas are framed and in their bathroom, as a set of three, they look fab (I actually kept two for myself so I may be ordering another sometime so I can have my own group of three, hehe). Have a great rest of your week xxx

  4. Kirsty, this is absolutely beautiful work. Every piece is gorgeous. I really love your collage and I think I would find it very hard to part with it too.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Anne xx

  5. You are so inspirational and fresh! Keep it up!

  6. Hey Kirsty, you have been busy. The whale looks great with it's fishy companions......Love to see one with a baby too

    I just loooove your box frame pics. I'm going quackers over that duck, so cute. Love the simplicity of it.
    I was going to cook today but my fingers are now itchin' to get stitchin'.......
    Your collage cottages are just stunning. It must take you an age to make them. Whoever buys it will have something very special. I could look at it for hours...

    Enjoy your week,

    Claire :}

  7. Fantastic work as always! I think I might treat myself soon, your work is so beautiful.

    Lou xxx

  8. Perfect! Your work is always amazing!

  9. Speechless! Where do you find the time? Quite fancy a go at that sewing machine illustration - do you need a special attachment?


  10. fabulous work! love Moby and the fishes and your lovely sewing machine there no end to your talents!! you're an inspiration!:)

  11. I'm playing bloggy catch-up, as always. Think I'm a little bit in love with Moby, he's my favourite mobile so far and I like the fishes :)

  12. Hello Kirsty Moby looks great with the small fishes! I love all your small works in frames! My favorites are those collages!
    Sunny wishes from Teje

  13. Hi Kirsty. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I love yours. You are very talented in art and craftwork. The peacock and the goose are gorgeous. I do envy people who have so many strings to their bows. Mine is just 2D but I do enjoy what I do.

    btw your collages are amazing.

  14. Hi Kirsty, I've just found your blog and am amazed at your lovely makes. I love the collage and the driftwood bird.
    I'm going to explore further.

  15. Hi Kirsty
    Oh so many lovely things - you're a creative dynamo lately, aren't you? How wonderful to have so many projects to play with and so many ideas!
    The polperro collage looks amazing, so there's no doubt you'd love to keep it. Have you thought of selling prints of the collages? or cards?
    I hope the sunshine we're enjoying right now has found it's way to Cornwall too - and here's wishing you a very happy weekend,
    D x