Tuesday 3 May 2011

Remember me?

Hello lovely neglected readers! So sorry I've been away from the beach hut for such a long time! I always worry when I haven't written a post for a while, but I guess with the school holidays, Easter and 4 Bank Holidays recently, I'm not the only one who has put blogging on the back burner! I'll quickly give you a run-down of what's been happening round here...

I've been making a lot of cottages, and boats - mostly for the Homespun Fair, which as usual was a roaring success!
This one was a special order for Gertie...

Here's a photo of my stand. I didn't take many photos (always forget!) but you can see plenty on the Homespun blog...

I had to share this one with you though - it was a delight to meet Sarah of The Salvaged Tea Party! You can view her hand customised vintage ceramics here.

It's been ace spending a lot of time with the family - these photos were taken at Bone Hill on Dartmoor, which is looking so lush and green at the moment!

And finally, I'm dead chuffed to tell you that one of my textile sculptures is featured in this beautiful Australian online magazine!

(It's these little guys) It's a gorgeous read, full of stunning photographs and images - and this issue has an emphasis on boys, so those with sons get over here and have a look!
Well, there you go! Up to date for now, I will be back soon, I promise!
Have a good week guys xx


  1. Amazingly wonderful as always kirsty, i love all your makes the wonderful boats, charming cottages and creative sea horses...i will be on dartmoor this weekend ;0)x

  2. I do love you little fisherman cottages
    Julie xxxxx

  3. Good to have you back. Am off to peek at the homespun blog. Ax
    PS Love your collagey header but am missing your beach huts...

  4. fantastic! lovely photo's, it's good to take a holiday and come back all creative and refreshed! love your cottages!, you have a great week too:)

  5. Another fan of your cottages here :)

    Well done for getting into print :)

  6. Lovely Dartmoor photo - spent many a happy hour there when we lived in Slapton. Congrats on the e-magazine feature - definitely deserved :)

  7. The new cottages are lovely and your stand at the fair looks great :)

  8. Hey Kirsty, I love Gertie's cottage it looks great with the differentt colours and the striking red door.

    Your pic from Bone Hill, is wonderful looking down the valley with the hedge rows dividing up all the fields, just beautiful. I just love the English countryside.

    Well done, on getting your cute little seahorses into Tiny and Little Mag.

    Now I'm off to visit Homespun before more cuppa runs out. Enjoy the rest of your week,

    Claire :}

  9. Absolutely gorgeous work Kirsty. How lovely to have your work featured in an Australian online magazine. We in Australia know quality when we see it. :)
    Thanks for sharing more of your lovely work.
    Anne xx

  10. Of course we all remember you!
    Glad you did well at the Homespun fair.
    Congrats on the Aussie publication too.

    Sandie xx

  11. The trouble is choosing which cottage to have!

  12. I love the little cottages........are they available to buy????

  13. Well done being in the magazine! Lovely to have you back.....

    Lou xxx

  14. So lovely pictures and the sea horses are great, too!

  15. Oh, I most certainly DO remember you! Hello dear Kirsty :-)
    Lovely to read your catch up of the recent weeks. All these bank holidays leave us in a bit of a blur and a false sense of forever-holiday, don't they? Congrats on the mention of your seahorses and your cottage creations are wonderful - as ever ;-)
    Happy days to you,

  16. I love those little cottages Kirsty..I want to live in one!...Love the look of Sarah's work too...I am going to pop over there now...
    Have a great weekend...
    Susan x