Monday 16 May 2011

Royal Cornwall Show

Happy Monday everyone! The Royal Cornwall Show is only a few weeks away, and I'm desperately trying to make loads to sell on my stall there! This is the biggest fair I've ever been a part of: it's a 3-day event, and I have no idea how much stock I'll need! What if I sell out of everything on the first day? Or even worse, don't sell anything at all?!
I'll be offering a range of goodies: some driftwood boats and cottages, my collages (hopefully in card/print form as well as the framed originals) and some textile pieces too - might as well try and appeal to as many customers as possible!

So I've been busy making love birds...

in some new colours...
No two will be the same!

Which is your favourite pair?

I've also been experimenting with a bit of freestyle stitching...

Thought that subject matter like this may go down well!

They will be framed and displayed with similar stitched pieces.

This is my favourite so far.
Gotta go and make some more! Have a fab week y'all!


  1. the cow is fantastic, as is the cockeral too - they have so much character! xx

  2. love the cow and chickens
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. Love the cow! My favourite pair of love birds is the last one; such bright colours.

  4. Let's put it this way....I don't see you coming back with much stock and I predict your best sellers will be in order, 1) the driftwood origionals and cards,2) the colages and cards,3) the full range of hand-sewns!

    You are probably also going to be shattered but, in the best possibly way!
    I wish I could come to the Show too!

    Good luck!


    Sandie xx

    P.S Somewhere I have a pair of blue tartan fabric fishes that my sister made for me donkeys ages ago. She used twine to thread through the 'mouths' of the fish. must find them out and take a pic.

  5. Love the free stitched pieces of the hens and cows - excellent.
    I'm certain you'll do VERY well.


  6. Remember to have a sign saying you take orders with a deposit (plus people can buy online). If you keep one of each item - people can order then/later and you can post items! Good luck.

  7. You are very brave doing a 3 day fair. You will sell loads I am sure as it such a big event. I like the first pair of birds and the one on the right of the last bird photo best.
    The stitching is great too.
    Good luck and have a great time
    Sue x

  8. I don’t think you have ever made anything that I have not fallen in love with.

    Lou xxx

    PS. good luck with the show, not that you will need it. x

  9. It is all gorgeous and I am sure you are going to return empty handed. I love the no. 3 love birds. I can't wait to have a piece of your work some time soon. The Fowey piece is amazing. Liz xxx

  10. Good Luck at the Show, when I worked for an Agricultural Team of a Bank I went each year, very tiring!!

    I love the first set of lovebirds, but the cow and cockerals are lovely too. You should do very well. Look forward to seeing the pictures. We are on holiday so won't get to go.

  11. Well Missus. Get away from the computer and Back To Work- don't you know that you have stuff to make? Of course you'll sell tons. Bet the cow goes very early on. She's beautiful. Ax

  12. Hey Kirsty, know the feeling of 'how much do I make?' But it I'm sure you'll have plenty.

    Love the new roosters and the calf in particularly. That polka dot nose is just too cute..........and I think I've seen some of your birds out in my orchard eating the last of the apples!

    I'm sure you will sell heaps. I've found as long as I have a good range of prices......... items for just a few dollars as well as higher priced items then there is something for everyone if they choose to buy.

    Hope your week goes well......

    Claire :}

  13. Very exciting! I did the Royal Highland Show last year and the same thoughts went through my head but just keep making and you WILL sell. Make sure you have LOTS of business cards for people to pick up as people will look you up on the web. Give yourself twice as long as you think you will need to set up! You'll be exhausted but will love it!
    Katie x

  14. I love them. They are so adorable!!! We all love it, so I most positive that you will sell bundles:)!!

    Take care!!

  15. Kirsty where do you get the gorgeous linens that your birds are made from?