Friday 9 September 2011

Hello Autumn

There has been a definite change in the air over the last week or so, and the start of the new school term means that summer is over once again. The next few months are usually the busiest for me, so I am trying to cram in a few new pieces before I get wrapped up making robins and penguins - plus a different Christmas design for 2011 that is in the pipeline!

I had a lovely commission for a customer a couple of weeks ago: she wanted 9, yes 9, hanging jellyfish for her little boys room. The only specification was no I could really go to town!

I had plenty of bright fabric to choose from...

And here is a shot of them finished!
While it was most enjoyable using a vast array of colours, when I chanced upon some gorgeous cotton lace fabric on eBay, I knew I would like to have a go at a neutral one...

And here it is: has a kind of vintage look to it, wouldnt you say? I used cotton lace trims and (get this) sequins as well as satin and organza ribbons. Very dreamy! If you fancy having a go at making your own jelly, you can find a tutorial here.

I have been thinking about doing some mixed media pieces, combining driftwood with painted canvasses: here is my first attempt....

What do you think? Hoping to do some more (I have a bit more time now that the boys are at school).Speaking of which, my baby started a few days ago! He was most excited (long may that last!) Here he is on his first day...

....with the obligatory too-short fringe!
Have a great weekend lovely people!


  1. I like the 'neutral' jellyfish!
    The new MM picture is fab too!

    Your 'baby' looks very confident though.

    Is there any driftwood left in Cornwall? LOL!
    I love the nail chimneys and the blue in the background too.

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  2. The jelly fish are lovely, what a nice commission. I reckon your driftwood and canvas picture works brilliantly you are very talented!

  3. I love the canvasses Kirtsy- i'm sure they will be really popular. Hope Herbie had a great time at school too !

  4. I love the piccie of the jellyfish altogether, but the neutral one is just delightful, I think the textures make it just gorgeous!!

    I also love the combination of the painting with the driftwood, I can imagine a lovely seaside shop selling those in abundance.

    I hope your little one continues to love school :)

  5. All the jellyfish look great together. Perfect for a boy's room.Your mixed media attempt looks great too!!And you little one looks so happy to be going to school!!

  6. The jellyfish look wonderful.

    Lovely photo of you little boy. I hope his first week went ok.

  7. I really adore your blog! The jelly is really nice! And the new picture... I love them!

  8. Hey Kirsty, your mixed media piece is fab, love the soft muted tones with a splash of red. I'm sure there'll be more of them to come........

    Wouldn't it be wonderful to see these jellyfish swimming in the ocean, so colourful and the neutral one is just as beautiful. Always satisfying when you give your 'regular' pieces a tweek and come up with a whole new look for your work......

    How gorgeous is that pic of your youngest, he looks very happy about it all, I hope he was just as happy when the day was finished.

    Claire :}

  9. Those jellyfish are gorgeous Kirsty and I looked at the link to your penguins - I love them! Are you going to be doing them this year? x

  10. Hello, Kirsty (isn't it?), I came across your blog and loved everything what you do - really stunning art work! I was impressed with your driftwood pieces and colourful collages, all of these made me want to have a walk on the beach. Anyway, I wish you not run out of inspiration. Keep creating!

  11. I really love that top picture with all the fabric laid out ready - gorgeous colour combos! Have fun making non Christmassy stuff for the next few weeks! (I am in Christmas denial and have spent the last week merrily sewing the most 'spring like' pink flowers and butterflies, no puddings or holly here... yet anyway!) x

  12. Makes me wish I could sew! Love the jellies, too. Hold on to the last vestiges of summer. My favorite season is fall. (Wish it could precede summer, though...)

  13. Aaaaww, look at your little boy, all grown up!
    Love your driftwood pictures, they look great.

  14. Love the Jellyfish, fab, and I think the mixed media canvas is especially nice. My youngest has also started school this last week, where does the time go? I hope it continues to go well for you little one. Bethx

  15. Love your jellyfish , they look fab all hanging there together. Scary when the youngest goes off to school isn't it ... even with the obligatory haircut lol

  16. I never fail to be amazed by your imagination and creativity, I love the canvas/driftwood picture. When I read nine jellyfish I shuddered, but you've made a lovely job of them - not at all scary ;o)
    Your young man looks so happy! I hope he enjoys all his school days.

  17. WOW, those jellyfish are amazing and I love the colours. I like the neutral one too. As for your mixed media piece, it's fab.!!
    Good luck to your little fella for the school year. They just grow up too fast.
    Anne xx

  18. I love the driftwood on canvas piece :)

  19. A rather colorful autumn, with those jellyfish. In Paris it is less…
    a pleasure to visit your blog - as always! warm greetings!

  20. I just found you through Attic 24...and the lovely piece you did.....You are just brilliant!! I just adore your work.....I live on the coast in New England so I have Mountains of driftwood that I make things out of....but you have gone to a new level.....I really look forward to following you and your wonderful work!!!

  21. es muy bello el trabajo que realizas , transmite serenidad, un gusto conocerte :)
    saludos desde Argentina, Alita.

  22. Kirsty, you have been a busy bee! What gorgeous robins and mice and so organised...... Your work always brings a smile to my face! I have been without internet for 10 weeks and madly trying to read everyones blogs. Looks like you have had a lovely summer down in Cornwall.
    K x

  23. Hai Kirsty,

    My gosh.. LOVE your site and your work!
    Only thing about it: can't click on the I LOVE section without losing your blog.. anything to do about it?? Love to roam on other blogs as well but can't they open in a new window?
    Wish you the very best.