Monday 22 August 2011

Holiday (Phase 2)

Back to work this morning after a lovely fortnight off - and as promised, here are a few snaps from the second part of our camping trip - this time in beautiful Herefordshire.
Steve and I did some canoeing here about 12 years ago - and wanted to return to do it with the boys.
We arrived early at Symonds Yat, and were greeted with this fantastic view...

Even Herbie seemed impressed!

We went during the week- as it gets pretty busy at weekends.

We took a lovely stroll in the Forest of Dean...

And (a highlight for me) as we were so close to Ross on Wye, we had to pay a visit to Baileys Home and Garden! What an inspiration! Unfortunately photography was prohibited which is such a shame: the website is nice, but it doesn't compare to seeing everything together in one amazing place!

I found time to do a bit of work at the weekend. This driftwood and slate piece - as yet unfinished, as I think it will look better in a box frame.

Another beach hut picture...ever popular!

And a primitive driftwood boat - the two bits of wood were already nailed together when I found it, so I just needed to add a few decorative touches!!

And finally, we had a freelance photographer here for the day on Friday! He took lots of pictures of the house, some of my work, and some of us - including some shots down the beach collecting driftwood! Hoping that we might get a bit of press! We had a good tidy-up in preparation - and re-arranged the shelves in the lounge. The old sewing machine had been hidden away in the loft, but we decided it was handsome enough to display: what do you think? (This is one of my photos - his were much better. I promise to share them once we get copies!!)

Have a great week folks!


  1. Symonds Yat looks lovley. Glad you had a fine old time!
    I love your boats 'n beach huts, no wonder they're popular.
    Your home looks lovely and I like the old sewing machine as a display too. Here's hoping you get a lot of coverage :o)

  2. Lovely post Kirsty. Your last photo is beautiful. Your home is like your work, stylishly simple while exuding creativity : )
    Looks like a very relaxing part of the country. Funny I see the first photo and think, MIDGIES! but you probably don't have that problem down there lol.

  3. Looks like a gorgeous place for a holiday , doesn't look like little old England

  4. Lovely pictures !

  5. Your last picture of Forest of Dean is similar to ones I just took of a stand of sumac. After I came home and looked at it, it didn't do justice to what I had seen in real life. But yours come across beautifully.
    Always love your little boats and found art.

  6. Great pictures. Brings back memories for me as I had my honeymppn there lots of years ago. Will go back one day hopefully.

  7. Loving your holiday photos, what a stunning place! Those beach huts are to die for!

  8. now thats my kind of holiday, in the forest...
    cant believe how fab your work is and for your house well, i just wish my could look as simple and gorgous as yours x

  9. what a lovely place, it looks so tranquil and relaxing, love the picture

  10. Wow! Your holiday looks beautiful. I just found your blog and love, love, love your beach hut picture.

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  12. Just found your blog. Love your work!!!