Thursday, 1 December 2011

December Already!

It just doesn't seem possible, does it? I am counting down the days now until the boys break up from school, because that will coincide with my last posting date....and then a well-earned break!
Thankfully, both the fairs I took part in have come and gone, and I feel as though the pressure has lifted somewhat - or maybe it's just that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!
Sales were disappointing at both events - but actually I am quite glad in retrospect, because orders are still coming in thick and fast, and at least I'm not having to make loads more stock (always look on the bright side, me!)
Anyway, Ill show you some photos of recent work....

Check out the gorgeous ochre-y tones on this piece of driftwood - it just reminded me of the rooftops in St Ives.

I find alot of wedge-shaped pieces of driftwood, and usually cast them aside. But I sliced the top edge off, hammered in some nail 'chimneys' - and look! A quirky free-standing town house!

I love this piece of wood (above). It's quite unusual to find driftwood with yellow paint on, so I thought I would keep it simple, added an iron rod for a mast with a single blue flag.

Some chunky driftwood cottages with slate roofs.

I find alot of tiny blocks on the beach - and have finally found a use for them! The biggest of these cottages is only 6cm x 5cm. Like a model village!

Had a little bit of press this week, in the festive issue of My Cornwall.

And finally, I thought I would share this special order with you. It was commissioned by a very good friend of mine, who wanted a butterfly for her mum's birthday present. It pushed me out of my comfort zone....but that's no bad thing, right?!

I was quite pleased with the way it turned out!

Well, that's enough for one post I think! If you got this far, then thanks for reading!!
Catch up soon xxx


  1. Oh Kirsty, you never ever disappoint! You work is so beautiful, those houses, so cute. The butterfly is absolutely gorgeous and I'm very glad you were pushed out of your comfort zone because look what you have created. WOW, I'm in awe of your creativity. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Have a wonderful break,
    Anne xx

  2. I love that yellow boat... you know me and my love of yellow! You are bloody amazing..I bet you could do with a rest now tho! Lou xxx

  3. I don't think you could ever make anything that I wouldn't love. Your work is truly amazing! :-)
    Lou xxx

  4. I love the butterfly, looks fantastic in the frame and I always love your cottages.

  5. Your work just gets bettere and betterer!

    Love the butterfly- have you seen Mr Finch blog? Link on my blog, your butterfly reminded me of his work...both fascinating!

    Have a great weekend,

    Sandie xx

  6. I just love your driftwoods so much, it makes my heart go physically "aaaaaaaaah". Love it. So much. said that already, okay.

  7. I love that butterfly
    Julie xxxxxxx

  8. Thank you for sharing these photographs - I love your designs.

    The drifwood houses are brilliant and if I had a beach cottage I think I'd fill it with whole villages :) When you look at them it's such a simple idea, yet it works really well!

    And the buterfly is nice too - I love that it is framed under the glass, it's a great way of collecting butterflies without harming our mother nature. Very eco friendly craft!

  9. That butterfly is gorgeous, well worth the stress it must have caused trying to create it whilst out of your comfort zone. x

  10. Your butterfly is stunning, maybe you should spend more time out of your comfort zone as you appear very comfortable there too! Glad the pressure is off, now to realise all that needs doing in 23 days!

  11. wow! what gorgeous gorgeous things! Love the butterfly, Ive been meaning to make some for a while now after seeing some fabric butterfly brooches on another blog(which I cant remember..doh). The houses ae so fab too, i'll keep an eye out for driftwood fo you when I'm down the beach. Was nice to meet you (at Cowslip Studios). Your work really is beautiful :)

    oh and please could you let me know where you had your business cards made, you did tell me but I didnt write it down. you can email me at

    thankyou x

  12. Beautiful, beautiful things you have created.

  13. I love your driftwood work. Just had a look in the shop but you're sold out! Anymore being added? Gorgeous butterfly and it looks fabulous in it's box frame....someone is going to be very happy :-)
    Katie x

  14. I grew up in Cornwall and always marvel at how you just seem to capture exactly the right feel for the little houses..I imagine that inside each one waits a fisherman's wife making stargazey pie, waiting for her husband to sail home safely..lovely.x

  15. So nice the houses ....
    And the pictures from the beach ...

  16. Kirsty I love seeing how you interpret every new piece of driftwood, the houses are gorgeous as always, and I love the little bullet boat! a belated happy christmas and happy new year to you!