Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Happy Holidays....

Yippee, my favourite time of year is here again: all orders have been made up and posted off (much to my utter relief), the boys have broken up from school and "Elf" has been on the telly!
I just thought I would share some festive images from us down here in Cornwall...
...the great tradition that is choosing the tree...

a little shot of the fireplace with gorgeous pixy advent calendar and matching stockings by Danish designers Maileg. Usually we stand the Christmas tree on that antique sled, but it was a little too tall this year, so we made an impromtu seat for the kiddywinks...

Finally got around to buying some outdoor fairylights this year, so they are hanging on the archway. They look really magical!

Here is the tree: I took loads of photos of it, but none of them came out very well!

On Saturday I decided on a whim to make some really tiny cottages (made from driftwood blocks) to hang on the tree. I am thinking they may be part of my Christmas range in 2012!

I am going to be *40* tomorrow!! To celebrate/commiserate, Steve and I are staying in a hotel near our favourite beach, and the plan is to do lots of walking/beachcoming (fingers crossed that we dont have torrential rain!) so I am really looking forward to that! Got a few things in the pipeline for next year, which I will share with you nearer the time!) so I am really hoping to collect some good bits! With any luck there will be a fair bit to choose from, following the recent gales!
Anyway, I would like to wish you all a sincere Merry Christmas and most excellent New Year!
See you in 2012!! xxx


  1. happy special birthday!
    enjoy your beachcombing break

  2. Wishing you a very happy birthday Kirsty, hope you have a super day! (You share it with my Mom who will be 89 tomorrow).
    Sending my very best wishes
    Rose H
    P.S. Love the little driftwood ornament.

  3. The tiny christmas-cottage ist just wonderfull...

  4. Have a WONDERFUL birthday and have lots of fun. Wishing you and your family a fabulous Christmas.
    Anne xx

  5. Oh I do love the big advent pixie, I'm quite jealous. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a smashing beachy day x

  6. Happy Birthday - the best is yet to come, believe me! Enjoy Christmas too, and look forward to seeing what you're offering in 2012.

  7. Have a wonderful birthday Kirsty. You share the same day as my youngest son who will be 13 tomorrow. He wants to stay in all day and play his new guitar but we may manage a walk on the beach. He is having a special treat next year when the weather is better. Hope you all have a good Christmas too. Karen X

  8. Thank you for 'following' my blog. You made the 800th (again! It got there and went down again yesterday!). have a great Birthday and Christmas. I think your tree decoration cottages are a lovely idea.

  9. Love the little houses as tree decorations, they are gorgeous, i'm hoping you do sell them next year as I know I want one ;o)

    Have a wonderful festive season

  10. Big birthdays, Christmas- you are being a bit greedy with your celebrating... Those wee houses are just delicious. Please put one for me on your list for 2012. Merry Times to you Missus 61a/40!!! Happy happy happy, Ax

  11. Enjoy your birthday at the beach, and have a great Christmas, too

  12. Tree looks beautiful, it should be in Country Living ' magazine!!!! Hope you have a lovely beach day, weather forecast good. I will be at Jervaux Abbey walking hopefully! Happy big birthday to you too!

  13. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great time beachcombing!

  14. Happy Birthday lovely Kirsty !
    I hope it's a dry day and there's plenty of findings on the beach :-) What a perfect way to spend a birthday!
    Happy Christmas to you and yours and here's to a creative and fun-filled 2012 !!!
    lots of love,

    PS: the cottages are looking superemely lovely today ;-)

  15. Happy birthday! I'm finding the forties to be rather fab!!

    I'll be after one of your house decorations next year too!

  16. I am mostly a silent reader, but I loved the X-mas spirit from Cornwall. (I once spent a holliday there and since then Cornwall has a soft spot in my hart! Meery X-mas and a Happy New Year.

  17. Happy Birthday Kirsty - I spent my fortieth in St.Mawes at the Tresanton and watched the sun rise from St.Mawes castle. It has all been good since! Merry Christmas to you all,

    with love Sarah x

    ps. I have major shutter envy!!!

  18. LOVE those hanging cottages and a great idea for next year. Enjoy your night away and Happy Birthday to you! It was Rob's birthday yesterday and we went to a lovely Inn on the shores of Loch Ness and had a fat-lads lunch!
    Katie x

  19. Lovely drift wood decorations, gosh I would love to be beachcombing at Christmas , great way to be 40! Enjoy.

  20. Happy Birthday, hope you have a lovely time away.

    And those little cottages make lovely tree decorations.

  21. Hippo, Birdy, Two Ewes.........have a great birthday Kirsty and enjoy the beachcombing, it sounds like a great way to spend the day.

    Love the photos and your cottage ornaments.
    Have a great Christmas and best wishes for a happy and creative 2012.

    Claire X

  22. Your lovely tree! Ours is still naked (I rather like it – but not the children)
    I wish you a beautiful Christmas! See you next year – for sure! Warm greetings from Paris!

  23. Congrats on being 40.. its a great number (I should know!). Happy times. we wish you a very happy and peaceful festive time. Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  24. Happy New Year Kirsty and greetings from just up the road in Plymouth.
    The little cottage tree decs are lovely.
    Maybe see you at Cowslips next Christmas to buy one?
    Keep those creative thoughts and ideas flowing.

  25. I really love the driftwood houses you create and I am so looking forward to owning one in the new year! The little tree ones look amazing.

  26. Hello, just saw you on the Craft Blog UK FB page so I thought I would say hello & connect to your feed :) Happy Blogging <3