Saturday 11 February 2012

New collage: St Michael's Mount

I finished a second piece for the upcoming exhibition at Delamore Arts!
I fancied a change from boats and harbours, but wanted to keep it local, so chose a famous Cornish landmark: St Michaels Mount. Its the second time I have used it as subject matter, the first was several years ago when I was commissioned to do a collage for a wedding present - you can see it in the right hand sidebar!

I am really pleased with this one, and feel that I have improved with practice!

I found some really pretty patterns in catalogues which I incorporated into the sand - and even included a little bit of lace!

I am also trying to use more relevant text when I can. In the above picture are the words "air" and "white beaches"!

In other news: I am so thrilled to have been accepted to take part in the Contemporary Craft Fair in June!!
This is such a big deal for me, I never thought I would be successful in my application! Their website has been updated this week to show which other makers are participating - some fantastic artists some of whom I think you will know! It has made me more than a little bit nervous, I can tell you!! I am keen to get in the shed and start making driftwood pieces, but, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Too cold!

Take care peeps!


  1. This is beautiful and I love the fact that you have included lace in the collage.

  2. Congrats! We blog fans know how good you are - no surprise from here that you were accepted to show with equally talented artists. Lucky pair to receive such a nice wedding gift. The new one is lovely too.

  3. Congrats Kirsty on being accepted to the Creative Craft exciting , I have just checked out the list of exhibitors.

    I'm sure your work will do well and there will be loads of sales.

    Love the new collage and the use of text in the pic adds a fun new level of interest,,,

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  4. Congratulations Kirsty! Though after seeing your fabulous artwork I'm certainly not surprised you have been accepted :o) I bet you're dancing on air.
    Love the new pieces.

  5. This is one of your best yet but, I love them all! LOL!

    Congrats on getting in at the Contemporary Craft Fair too.

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  6. So happy for you!!! I am not the least bit surprised you were accepted .....your work is exquisite !!!! You are a superbly talented artist and what you do with this medium is absolutely amazing!!! When I see you have posted I go right to you!!!

  7. Congratulations, you must be so proud!

  8. Hello Kirsty!
    I can feel a Cliff Richards song coming on "congratulations ..."
    Hey, well done you !!! Though if there had been any doubt about you attending the fair I'd have been along to their offices to put them straight. I'm so VERY pleased for you and so glad that you are getting all this recognition - you deserve every bit of it. Well done dear one - FANTASTIC news!
    The new collage is wonderful too :-)
    My houses - still divine and still making me smile every day,
    Happy days to you,
    PS: We are coming to your part of the world at some point in the next couple of months so I hope we can have that cup of tea at last :-)

  9. I love the idea to put some relevant text in - I think it gives some extra value and the proud owner of your artwork can slowly discover all the hidden messages. Briliiant.

  10. I'm always fascinated by you work… warm greetings and have a nice weekend!

  11. You have definitely evolved. I can see that by contrast.
    Details you have added and efforts you have made, have shown effect in the depth revealed in your collage.
    You have moved from a craftsman to an artist. You can say you are an exhibited artist.
    I will love to display your collage on my blog, if only you will permit. Can I?