Sunday 19 February 2012

One man's trash is another man's treasure...

Hey folks, I just want to begin by saying thank you for all your supportive comments regarding the Contemporary Craft Fair! I guess we all compare ourselves to other makers and have doubt in our abilities.....but you have faith in me and that is just heartwarming!

So......the title of this post? Regular readers will probably know by now that I don't like letting things go to waste, and that, together with Steve, I am always on the lookout for old stuff which I can incorporate in my work. Well, I was browsing on ebay earlier in the week and did a little search for old nails, the kind I use for chimneys on my driftwood cottages and boats. I didn't really expect to find anything. But it must have been my lucky day, because there was one seller (only one, mind) with about 5 different lots up for grabs. And would you believe it, they were in Cornwall.... and only about 15 miles away!
So we went up to collect them today and I'm so happy! I got like a lifetime's worth for about £8!

(including some pretty heavy duty ones.)

I got to work straight away! Check out the fab colour on the roof of this one(we don't find orange coloured driftwood very often!)

And this one is like a very rustic farmhouse! The sort an estate agent would say needs 'updating'!

A long thin terrace. The wood I used for the roof is shaped almost like a toblerone (what is that shape called?) Anyway it was perfect!

And here's one I made earlier in the week. As soon as I found that white bit of driftwood, I knew what I was going to do with it! I didn't want to trim the bottom off to make it freestanding, so this one is designed to hang on the wall.
I feel better for having at least started on making some stock for June. Plus you won't find me scrabbling around on the shed floor searching for odd nails anymore! I am now spoilt for choice!

Have a great week folks!


  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! I love that last picture with the washing on the line
    You know those nails were put on Ebay just for you!!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. It was indeed a lucky find!
    Love all of the driftwood pieces,especially the last one.

    Keep on grafting and crafting!

    Have a great week,

    Sandie xx

  3. Great find! And I love your houses - I'm sure one of them would love to come and live with me...

  4. they are all gorgeous but I'm drawn towards the blue ones. The little washing line is a lovely addition too.
    PS It's a triangular prism (spot the teacher!)

  5. You are soooooooooooo clever! I love them all and can imagine your delight at the nails! Ebay is fab well done they were meant for you :)
    Heather x

  6. They really are great makes, that saying is just so true! :) x

  7. Absolutely knock-out Kirsty! I too love the last one best.
    To think that about 20 years ago a neighbour who was emigrating gave my hubby a 4 litre box of bent, rusty nails - just in case...we thought he'd lost the plot! How things change over the years, I'd keep them now, or send them to you ;o
    Rose H

  8. Hey Kirsty........great find. That's one less thing you have to worry about and now you can concentrate on making those wonderful cottages.

    They're all wonderful and of course the little clothesline adds that extra something to your work.

    Claire :}

  9. aren't we (and our partners!) lucky that we find such joy in a box of rusty nails, tatty fabric and careworn wood...imagine if it were Tiffany diamonds and couture clothes!!

  10. Kirsty you are such a hoot. I couldn't stop laughing when I read your last post about the nails, including close up photos of said objects! Your delight at such a find was almost palpable and so local to boot, what luck! Enjoy making your driftwood creations... one day soon I hope to buy one....


  11. I can just see, you - head down, bum up, scrabbling around for rusty nails....

    Congratulations on your brilliant find.

    You can give your knees a well earned rest now.

    Beautiful work,


  12. You are such a talent!!! I just love what you do!!

  13. A girl after my heart! Most people run when they see rusty nails, I on the other hand jump with I am sure you do too!

  14. I love your houses! And I think alla those nails will last a long time...

  15. You have a LOT of chimneys there! I just love your little houses so much!

  16. Kirsty, is the wall hanging one for sale????? I've fallen in ♥ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx