Sunday 26 July 2009

Star find!

About a week ago I discovered, through another blog (cheers Laura!) the very extremely gorgeous designs by Sarah Hardaker.

I am so excited by her wallcoverings and fabrics, and could barely contain myself when my requested samples landed on the doormat on Friday.

The fabrics are even more lovely in real life and for a while I was a bit overwhelmed - I wanted everything and it was giving me a bit of a headache!

I got to thinking that I may never need to look elsewhere for any other fabrics in my lifetime, and they relate wonderfully with the fabrics I am currently working with.

Sarah very kindly enclosed a bag of little remnants which she thought I may like to use on my cards...

What with me being the only female in the house, I rarely get a chance to indulge my feminine side and wouldn't normally 'do' pink. But Sarah's impossibly pretty paisley fabric is calling me away from my usual red, white and blue!

However I'm still having trouble deciding which one to go for...


  1. Now I really need some. They are gorgeous.

  2. They are totally made for you no?

  3. hey thank you for the lovely plug, I LOVE the stars and stripes thing! more impossibly small bits are on their way!

  4. Hi there am so glad you got your '' shop going I think you'll do very well on there... good luck (not that you'll need it!!)
    I see that you're children like to be creative too... how ever did you get it off...!!
    Marion ;0))