Friday 17 July 2009

Window shopping

After painting over the huge blackboard in the boys' bedroom (fine when it was bare floorboards in there, but carpet and chalkdust aren't a good combination), the chimney breast looked somewhat bare, so we chose this rather smashing wall sticker by Ferm Living. Even better, I found it on Amazon at a third of the normal price!

Of course, I'm never satisfied, so have been compiling a little list of things I'm coveting to jazz up their room further. (I'm just daydreaming but indulge me!)

Firstly is this fabulous beanbag by Quba Sails..

I am loving the Ron Arad Bookworm bookcase available from Heals..

And these colourful (spotty and stripey of course) throws from Feather and Black would just finish off the bunkbeds nicely.. Of course , it's never going to happen - I have designer taste, but alas, only an Ikea budget!

Better get back to work - I'm going to have to sell alot of cards to pay for all this lot!

1 comment:

  1. I know exactly what you mean about chalk and carpet. The room looks wonderful, I love that map and all the things you would put in it. I love a good retail daydream. I have many.