Thursday 29 October 2009

Owl and the Moon

Thought I'd share my latest project with you - this little owl mobile for a friend who's about to have her first baby. The gender of the baby is unknown so I have tried to make it suitable for either sex (hence red and blue stitching on the eyes and nothing too girly, though it's v tempting!) The owl is stuffed with lavender to aid sleep (yeah, right, we can hope!) The moon part came about as a bit of an accident - I was wrapping the wooden embroidery hoop with strips of fabric and got about two thirds of the way around, realised it was a bit like a crescent, chopped the remaining third off and so the moon was created!!
The owl is not perfect - next time I'll make him shorter and wider - but it's an idea I might develop and sell as a gift for new borns. The trend seems to be for everything to be personalised which is an avenue I may well explore, although I would rather go for something very subtle: has anyone ever typed straight on to calico or even know if this is possible? If so I'll be looking out for an old fashioned typewriter- then I could wrap words or names around the moon!
Please feel free to leave your advice/ideas/comments!


  1. 'Oh' I think he is perfect and adorable - just right.

    Nina x

  2. I've not typed straight onto fabric but I have printed text & images onto fabric, by the way of a transfere, then iron on... have a look on the etsy forums or folksy they'll probably be some one there that knows more...
    Marion ;0)

  3. I love it! that is so cute, and I love him sitting in the moon! I remember something about typing onto fabric recently, I think it was on one of the wedding blogs I read...

  4. Just perfect, Again! I have seen typing on fabric, it looked great, but failing that maybe you could use some letter stamps. x

  5. Your owl is just lovely, as for the typing on fabric have you tried transfer print yet?