Sunday 18 October 2009

Treasure hunting

We thought we'd take advantage of the lovely mild weather this afternoon (only 2 weeks until the clocks go back and I can't tell you how much I hate that) and headed off down to Seaton to blow away the cobwebs and do a bit of beachcombing.

Whilst the boys were happily rockpooling, look what caught my eye..

A tiny piece of seaweed stuck onto a pebble - so simple, yet really beautiful, it reminds me of Ferm Living's floral silhouette prints.

Alas, the beach was sadly lacking in driftwood and I'm starting to panic a bit because I have alot of Christmas cards to make and my supply in the shed (sorry, Steve's shed!) is dwindling.

But I did pick up some tiny driftwood twigs and made a card for my best friend (she doesn't read my blog as she's stuck somewhere in the 20th century) - a kind of shaker style Christmas tree with little shell fragment decorations. Not exactly a masterpiece, but she loves the beach as much as I do and I know she will appreciate it!

I noticed these steps for the first time today - and I am deeply envious of whoever lives at the top!

For all I know it may be a run-down shack, but how fantastic to be able to descend them every morning and see what the tide's washed up! Imagine that!

Amendment: Of course anyone who is remotely organised/intelligent would know that the clocks go back this weekend and not the one after - sorry!

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  1. Lovely photos. I'm deeply envious of that lovely snuggly grey number your son is wearing. So cosy!

  2. I wish I lived where you do! I hate to be the one to point this out to you, but its only 1 week til the clocks go back, unless you wrote this a week ago and didn't publish it til today...really sorry, but I thought it better you knew than be an hour late for everything!

  3. Thanks Rebecca, how utterly depressing! What a muppet I am!

  4. On a positive note about the whole nites drawing in & clocks changing thing...
    Snuggerling up with your loved ones, curtains drawn & fire light...
    Steaming mugs of tea, when you let your pet out for their early morning wee..
    Hotpots, casseroles, crumbles, custard...
    Toasting foods at an open fire..
    Seeing new buds on plants & tress..
    Wearing all those lovely earthy autumn clothing colours...
    Well you get what I mean...!? hope it helps..?
    Marion ;0)

  5. Oh my! the clocks are going Back! Must obviously figure out when this is happening. But, of course the children won't understand that they should be staying in bed for another hour. Damm! Love treasure hunting on the beach and your driftwood Christmas tree is so pretty.

  6. You're right Marion, I should be more positive. Actually I don't mind the autumn so much as I love the build up to Christmas - I'll just have to focus on that!