Sunday 11 October 2009

Wonderful wood

So I was thinking to myself about whose talent I could showcase on this weeks post and then it dawned on me! I could do a little feature on the genius that is Steve Clark, who just happens to be my partner!

Completely self-taught, Steve got the bug after he borrowed an electric drill from a friend one weekend, and has built up quite a collection of power tools since!

Below is a photo of his first project, a coffee table made from recycled floorboards..

He has crafted quite a variety of lovely things for our home over the last 10 years or so..

A sconce made from painted recycled wood

Cute chopping boards and an early boat made from an old piece of oak

This mirror was created using driftwood from the River Medway.

A magazine rack was fashioned from a recycled crate

With a lovely piece of driftwood and some rusty nails, a simple hanging rack is constructed!
Some projects have been more complicated than others. Above is a driftwood Grandfather Clock which was a wedding gift for my sister Amy (the beautiful talent that is Chambers & Beau for those of you that didn't know!)
This is a recent piece - a driftwood cupboard for our bathroom...
And lastly, my very favourite construction, a fabulous beach hut wardrobe for our boys!
Steve's got no plans to give up his day job - he's happier making one-offs in his own time, but I thought I would share these photos to show him I think he's actually pretty damn clever!

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  1. What beautiful pieces - you certainly have a very talented guy.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  2. What a lovely post Kirsty. Clever Steve indeed. And what a gorgeous home you've made together with your respective talents xx

  3. Wheres my comment gone? Did you remove it or did it never come??

  4. Nope Amy, didn't get a previous comment!

  5. What a talented pair you are. I love reclaimed wood furniture. Our coffee table is made from old pallets and we bought it from a guy in Greenwich Market some 15 years ago and it will last a long time yet!