Monday 8 February 2010

I do like to be beside the seaside!

The weather on Saturday was beautiful, unfortunately we had lots of necessary chores to do, but headed to the beach for an hour just before the sun went down.

I loved the shadows cast on this boat...

I was delighted to discover that after weeks and weeks of just seaweed, the tide had brought in some driftwood - and lots of it!

So I've been busy!

I usually make quite chunky boats, but the above piece of ply was found with those holes and paint just as pictured - it was crying out to be transformed! I put a little hook on the back so it can be hung on the wall. (This item has sold).

The weather obviously put me in a nautical mood! The above cushions are made from lovely thick cotton from Deckchair Stripes - a favourite of mine!

I even managed to find time to make a driftwood heart. I would have made a few of these earlier in plenty of time for you know what on 14th Feb but Neptune has been keeping the sticks for himself up to now! Still if anyone wants it, there are a few more days to go!

All of the above items are available on Folksy.


  1. You have made some lovely things. I really like your wood heart.
    Have a fun week,
    Rachael xx

  2. .....oh I do like to be beside the sea!!!

    Such lovely inspiration though I wish the sun was shining here today - just more grey and sleet.

    Have a lovely week,

    Nina xxxxx

  3. I really love your driftwood art.
    We too had good weather on Saturday but the afternoon brought in nasty sea mist. Brrrr.

  4. Lovely new boats, how lucky was the ply find? or more accurately how lucky was the ply to find you and be made into something so special!

    Cute heart,

  5. Gorgeous! Love the heart, and the boats are lovely.

    Mel xxx

  6. Dear Kirsty
    I wanted to check the postage price of one of your items on folksy - I think the postage quoted may be wrong, but want to check!
    Can you email me
    Denise x

  7. Brilliant driftwood. I've never found any. Other interesting stuff (even an airplane tyre), but never driftwood. xx

  8. Hi, I have just come across your amazing blog... how wonderful! I L.O.V.E your driftwood boats so delightful.
    Love Yvonne x

  9. love that first pic , you should blow it up and frame it

  10. Hi- Would love to know how to make a driftwood heart. Have you a pattern .
    Anne in Sydney Australia