Tuesday 2 February 2010

Sea Life Mobile

Developing the seahorse thing further still, I decided to have a go at a mobile featuring a variety of sea creatures...

The colours are somewhat different for me - I've purchased quite a few fat quarters this week! Most of these fabrics came from Saints and Pinners.

The creatures themselves were very simple to make. I think the jellyfish is quite effective - it's simply 2 circles of different fabric sewn together (right sides together then turned inside out) and stuffed. Then stitch 4 pieces of ribbon (2 of each colour) at even angles across the centre of the bottom piece...

Et voila!

As I said, making the figures was easy...not so putting it all together! It was a nightmare trying to get things balanced, all the animals kept falling off, and I wanted the driftwood sticks to hang horizontally! If anyone has any tips on making this easier, PLEASE let me know!!
This one still isn't right. I will persevere though, as another lot of fabric plopped on the doormat this morning and I want to make another in limes and turquoises. More soon...
Hope you're having a good week!


  1. It's beautiful! I think the big polka dots work particularly well, and I love the red and lime green together. Great idea.

  2. Lovin' the star fish & sea horse... thanks for the link for the fabrics... gonna have a poke about to see what I can purrrchase.. :0)

  3. Thank you so much for the link.Have been meaning to ask you where you got your fabric from. I'd visited the saints and Pinners site, but had forgotten its name. Can't thank you enough really. It has been annoying me no end. Thought of you today busy beavering away. I made a cloud with some rain drops, in between cooking dinner and ignoring the mess. I love this mobile. It has been really interesting seeing the progression of your design thoughts. Lx

  4. I love the polka dot starfish!! I could envision a whole basket full of them :))

  5. Thanks guys, your comments mean alot! Laura, any chance of seeing this cloud of yours?

  6. How fabulous is that! Honestly, I love it, and I agree with Laura, it's been really interesting to see the ideas develop. Love the colours together.

  7. Am working for the next two days, but will try and post about it at the weekend. Have loads of ideas now to do it in different fabric after visiting that site. There is even a fabric with clouds on!

  8. Kirsty - I'm loving all your new sea creature stuff and this mobile is really beautiful. Are you selling it or is for you?

    See you very soon I hope. Marisa xxx

  9. Thanks Marisa - Buddy has pleaded with me not to sell this one as he wants it! If I can work out how to make it properly I'll be selling them - have lots of ideas in my head for different ones!
    And yes, see you in a couple of weeks! x