Thursday 11 February 2010

Mother's in the kitchen....

...doin' a bit of stitchin!
I received Poppy Treffry's lovely book 'Free and Easy Stitch Style' nearly two weeks ago, and finally have had a few hours to myself to have a read and a little play! (How committed am I? Herb goes to pre-school for one afternoon a week and it was so tempting to relax with a cup of tea and peace and quiet and the latest copy of Country Living!)
But I had a few cards to make...
I started with something easy - a birthday card for my niece...

Mmm, not too bad for a first attempt! Just a couple of wobbles!

Next, a card for a friend...

Still very basic - and a try at stitching some text....

Finally, something a bit more adventurous...

Not the best thing I've ever made, but I thought I'd share it with you - otherwise how will you see how much I've improved when I'm a pro?!!
I made it into a birthday card for my sister-in-law who is always a very grateful recipient!

I can't remember the last time I actually bought a card, even the boys make their own. Handmade is always so much nicer, don't you think?

We're off to the 'outlaws' tomorrow for most of the half-term, so no blogging for a while!

Oooops, almost forgot! The Deep Sea Mobile is now in my Folksy shop - in two funky colourways!

Have a happy week!


  1. I love the little beach hut card, your
    sister-in-law will be thrilled, it is so sweet.

  2. I really like the beach hut card, I would be very pleased to receive something like that!

    Fab new colours.


  3. I love the little elephant card. The writing on the second is fab and your beach huts are great too. It all looks very camplecated to me.
    I would love Poppy Treffry's book though. It's on the wishlist.
    Rachael XX

  4. Gorgeous cards, I'd be delighted to receive any of them and they'd end up framed on the wall! I think though that the elephant is just possibly my favourite...

  5. oh I have never heard of this book, I am a huge Poppy Treffry fan too! I love her style :D
    I love what you have made, I think the elephant is my favourite although everything is beautiful! x

  6. I think you've done a fab job and the more wonky the better - don't you think??

    Have fun at the 'outlaws!!'

    Nina xx

  7. Lovely things! Am very impressed. I so have to buy that book. Been meaning to for ages. x

  8. All three cards are great but the beach hut card is my favourite. xx

  9. All three are a delight- and I agree with Tabiboo, the wonkier the better-so my fav is the beach hut- great stuff!
    Have fun at the outlaws!
    Annamaria xx

  10. They are all brilliant but the beach hut is my favourite.

    Have had a look at the PT book as its very inspiring.

  11. I love the cards too! Did you use the wooden hoop when you attached the shapes to the card? I have an old Pfaf sewing machine from my grandmother and I don't think I have the right foot to attach for embroidery.

  12. Jane, I did use a wooden (embroidery) hoop but then I cut the pieces out and just stuck them on to the card if that makes sense, and you need a darning foot for your sewing machine.

  13. Hello
    I have just discovered your lovely blog via Dots and Spots. Congratulations on your award.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  14. As you know I love your blog and all the lovely things that you make! Please accept this well-deserved Sunshine Award, (I know you have had one already!) check out my blog to find out more:

  15. I know this comment relates to ages back but I've only just discovered you.
    Your stuff is just delightful. Can you recommend where to buy the card blanks? I don't have any craft-type shop locally so it's always difficult when you're in the mood and can't get the bits you want.
    I'll be back - because you're worth it ...