Monday 19 April 2010

Beach finds and more

Hello readers, hope you are all enjoying the sunshine - even Monday mornings don't seem so bad when the weather is this good!
Sorry I've not been around much lately, I've got a couple of big shop orders (more about that at a later date) which is taking up alot of my time. I'm not complaining as it obviously means money, but on the downside it means no new designs - which is my favourite part of the job!
I did however manage to put together the above pieces of driftwood at the weekend. It's quite a big piece, I'm not sure what to do with it yet... maybe a giveaway(?) seeing my blog anniversary is creeping up on us!

I'm not sure what this was - I found it on the beach just like this - but I thought it would make a good moon!

Old paintbrushes wash up on the shore regularly - I'm going to start collecting them as they make cool fish!

Here's another one - looks like a pipefish. Perhaps I'll frame it and entitle it 'Ce n'est pas une pipe'!

This little piece of wood looked just like a whale, so I added a couple of strips of rusty tin to finish it off!

Something fishy is going on here!

Meanwhile we have been having great fun playing around with the Hipstamatic app on Steve's i-phone - I just love the effects...

This one is out of focus but I still like it!

And I'll leave you with my favourite! Thank you to everyone who left a birthday message to the little man last week - it really means alot to me!


  1. GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY!!! I love the wood whale, he's perfect! and those hipstamatic photos are gorgeous too :)

  2. Mmmm... am thinking about purchasing an iphone.. keep going into the shop & fiddling about with the phone, am doing that thing in my head.. 'do I REALLY need a new phone...? '& do I REALLY need an iphone...?'
    Watched a TV prog called 'electric dreams' covering the 70's 80's 90's & 2000's all about our tekkie must haves, & what our lives are like now we have 'em... :o)

  3. I love the whale one and the round one too! Love your photos! Have a lovely week. suzie xx

  4. My hubby has that i phone so will have a play with that ap, great pics. As for the wood those fish are fab, here's hoping for a giveaway!!!!

  5. I love those drfit-wood fish.
    Julie xxxx

  6. I like the fish too - will be keeping an eye out for your Giveaway!

  7. Loving the fish! I think I bought a card from you at the Portscatho fair..was it you?

  8. Kirsty are any of these fishy fellows for sale? Erm, would you like to do a swap? I am quite overcome with excitement at your little wooden school here.

  9. Those pieces are all very desirable..did I hear mention a giveaway..!

  10. Hi Kirsty
    I've not been by for a while, and it seems I've missed the gorgeous boy's birthday - belated happy birthday :-)
    I love your fish, and of course, the boat. What fun!
    And just look at those amazing photos - I want to be able to do that too! But it is way beyond the capabilities of my cheap and cheerful Nokia...
    I hope you are having lots of fun in the sun in spite of your busy making for shops - I have morphed into a gardener recently - it feels like I've discovered my true self digging in the soil :-)
    Aaah, the joys of Spring !
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  11. I love the whale!! What a find that was!! In fact, oh heck - I love all your stuff!! What more can I say?!!

    Sending love,
    Julia x x x

  12. More Whales!!!! I think I must be becoming obsessed. Soon they will be taking over the house. Love the last photo, that's my favourite too. And how big is that beautiful boat up there? I think a give away would be great too. L x

  13. Laura the boat is 32cm x 47cm high and 4cm deep - quite a chunky piece! Are you back then?

  14. Great beach finds - wish our shores offered more than the odd bottle of becks!!

    Also love the phone picture effect - I must go an investigate.

    take care,

    Nina x

  15. congrats on your big order and your new finds too, the whale is great

  16. Great fish! Glad you did well at Porthscatho x x

  17. Hello! Thanks for visiting me again, In reply to your question, No George isn't drinking babysham! It is cava, lovely bubbly cava! I love cava! Cheers, and thank you for your kind anniversary wishes! XXXX

  18. Hi Kirsty
    Yes I bought a lovely card and my mum bought one of your fishies!I can't come to the next one as its just too far to travel, a good 4 hours!but I hope to see you again at one of the other upcoming fairs now I know its you!

  19. such amazing treasures always ! I look forward to your creations

  20. Just popped over from Nina's to check out your fab hipstamatic photos. I wonder if I can do that on my Blackberry, I shall have to investigate. I had a quick browse through some other posts, love the bucket lampshade (and of course the fish).