Monday 26 April 2010

Work in Progress: Shipbuilding

Okay, that's an exaggeration, more like little boats and tugs than ships! I will show you an 'after' shot once I've tarted them up a bit - these will be going on a journey to a lovely shop in Norfolk later this week.
Got to keep it short tonight, I'm so sorry I've not been on the blog circuit much lately - I will make sure I catch up with you all real soon.


  1. Your boats and tugs and ships and whales make me happy. I want to be a kid again...

  2. A fleet of boats :-)
    It's good to see the boats before you've decorated them.
    Hope you aren't toooooo busy - remember to put your feet up!
    D xx

  3. Your work is so great, I love it, please pop over to my blog where an award is waiting for you x

  4. They sure look good so far. Will pop back to see the finished articles soon.

  5. They are wonderful, can't wait to see them finished. Whereabouts in Norfolk is the shop that sells them?

  6. Bob, bob, the boats a lovely little fleet.

    Don't work too hard,

    Nina x