Saturday 10 April 2010

Birthday Boy

I've got to make this quick! We've got friends staying and it's terribly rude disappearing to write a blog post, but I couldn't let the day go by without a special mention to our little Herb who turned 3 today!
Here he is sitting on one of his presents - a Gruffalo trunki. This photo would have been lovely if his uncle Dave wasn't trying to ply him with beer!

He requested a dinosaur cake - I'm always up for a challenge! I was quite pleased with my efforts (I like getting creative with chocolate fudge icing!) until his big brother piped up with, 'I thought it was going to be standing up!' at which point I nearly forced his head into aforementioned cake with some vigour!

He seemed to enjoy it anyway!
Time for a walk to burn off some of those calories!

Such a beautiful day, feels like summer all of a sudden!

Back home at last, surely you've had enough chocolate for one day?! But cousin Molly is tucking into buttons from her Easter egg....
'Go on, just one!'
'Only if you give us a kiss!'...

Happy Birthday Herbie! Hope you had a fab day!


  1. Mr P examined the cake carefully. At first he thought it was ankylosaurus. Then he settled for sitty down steg. Either way I could wolf the lot right now, it looks delicious. It also looks as though your boy had a very wonderful day. Happy Birthday little Herb.

  2. Such sweet photographs, hope Herb had a fab birthday

  3. Happy Birthday Herb! Looks like it was a great day and such perfect weather. Bx

  4. Happy Birthday! Lovely photos. The cake looks delicious!

  5. Happy 3rd Birthday to your little Herb. What a gloriously sunny day to have a birthday.
    Fab cake and I'm now coveting that Gruffolo Trunkie.

  6. Cute, cute, cute! Happy Birthday Herbie!

  7. Happy Birthday Herb! I'd rather like to have a Gruffalo Trunkie. I need a new suitcase!

  8. Happy Birthday little Herb - looks like you have a brilliant day.

    Love your Gruffalo trunkie & the scrummy cake that Mummy made :)

  9. Happy Birthday to your little-one. Wonderful cake, and lovely Gruffalo Trunkie. Looks like you all had a wonderful day.

  10. Aaawwwww that kiss, those buttons and such a delicious looking chocolate cake.

    Happy birthday to your little guy - beer and boys....they never grow up!

    Have a super delicious weekend,

    Nina xxxxx

  11. Happy Birthday, Herb!
    Just love those last two photos...

  12. Happy Birthday for your sweet son! The cake looks lovely and totally yummy which is the important thing-! And really what a gorgeous landscape to walk in!!!!AH! Your photos tell a
    cute story...
    And by the way, thank you for being patient with me and for all your support!
    Annamaria xx

  13. happy sweet birthday to you and your beautiful son!...looks like a great day to celebrate

  14. Happy Birthday Herb, what a fantabulous cake!x