Saturday, 25 September 2010

Grey Sea

There was talk of an old rowing boat having washed up on a local beach: apparently all the kids were having a whale of a time smashing her up, and people were taking remnants home. By the time I got down there several days later, there was no sign of the vessel, save for a few small pieces...
But you know, I looked at that bit shaped a bit like a 'A' and I turned it around in my hands a little.... and then it came to me! It would make a perfect beach hut roof! And the other tiny bit, painted the same colours could be the door! So today I set to work - and this is what I came up with...

A little wooden hut, with it's own mooring!

I couldn't put any other number on it, could I?!

The strip of metal on the boat is actually an old emery board that I picked up someplace..

And the fish? A rusty tin heart that has been gathering dust in my craft box for years...snipped in half down the middle and attached using rusty tacks which make handy eyes!!

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Have a great weekend folks!


  1. Love it! And love the wreckers tale too; such an integral part of Cornwall to put these things to good use isn't it? x

  2. In Small Beans words, awesome.
    Love it, Ax

  3. Love it!! Love the story behind it too, what a great piece!!

    Micki x

  4. Dear Kirsty
    I love it to bits! Just so gorgeous! How can you bear to sell it?? With the beach hut number on it too?? I love it - and must go sell lots of stuff at a car boot sale in the hope of buying it ;-)
    Happy weekend to you - and I hope a few more interesting bits and pieces get washed your way
    D xx

  5. I love your work! Turning found things into gorgeous pieces. WOW. My 17 year old daughter asks me everyday if you've posted anyting. She loves your work too.

  6. Oh Kirsty it is perfect. just perfect.

  7. i love how your imagination works! i love it!!
    such dreamy drift wood pieces! and lovely that you and your family enjoy beach combing together makes it even more special ;0)x

  8. Wonderful and with such a story behind it too!! Love Kate xxooxx.

  9. You are sooooooo clever. Just love it. Absolutely gorgeous.

  10. love it. you've got a great eye for transforming things

  11. It's beautiful - the little touches are what make all the difference.

    Nina xx

  12. Absolutely love it, amazing work as always!
    p.s. your interview will be live on my blog tomorrow :)