Sunday 19 September 2010

Thou shalt have a fishy....

Hello folks, hope you've all had a fine weekend! I must welcome any new followers, suddenly I have 200 - I'm touched, really!

We went down to the beach to do a bit of 'treasure-hunting' today - feels like we haven't been for ages! There wasn't alot there to be honest (the winter tides should bring some goodies in), but I did stumble upon these 2 little paintbrush handles, which make nice fish for my latest piece!

If anyone has any old brushes with wooden handles, please let me know: I can always find a use for them!
Available in my Folksy shop now!

*Well now, would you look at that, I've lost a follower since writing this post, now it looks as though I was lying!


  1. congrats!! ;0)
    i can see why u have so many followers as your blog is wonderful and i love your boats and fish! they are great!...ive just reached the just over 200 followers on my blog and hosting a little giverway!... ive noticed some peps drop off then come back on- not sure how?...i am a follower of yours hehe x
    lovely blog as always x kazzy x
    p.s love the handle fish idea!!

  2. All your work is absolutely lovely. I especially love the collage on the previous post do you have any tips on how to do it?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  3. oh no where did the follower go!
    I've just got to 100 and I thought that was a miracle- 200 (or 199) seems an awfully long way away

    I shall keep my eyes peeled for old paintbrushes and tell you when I get any, I just love the idea of them becomming fish- what a wonderful retirement!

  4. There now we're back up to 200...I just signed up! The paintbrushes are genius! I go through them at a rate of knots and chuck them out! In future I will send them to you! lots of love, Amanda xxxx

  5. well it's back to 200 now :-)... I would never have thought of using old paintbrush handles as fish but they are just perfect

  6. Just a quick hello, always a treat to pop over to visit you. By the way, how's it going in your own personal don't have to sweep up studio??? Ax

  7. GENIUS! Honestly I thought you must have made them, I had to bring my husband into look at the lovely little fish! Just awesome. x

  8. I do love your lavender fish. 201 Now by the way! x

  9. Oh, Kirsty, those followers do come and go, don't they?! Congratulations on reaching 200 - well, that's how many there are as I write this comment ;-)
    And I see you've been busy with more collage making - just lovely - and the paint brush handle fish - gorgeous!!
    Wishing you a happy week ahead with lots of fun creative activities,
    Happy days,
    Denise x

  10. Ooooh very well done you!! Much deserved I think, your work is amazing! I love the boat, the little fish detail is great - did I already write how much I like your curtain tie backs or not too? Just in case I forgot, I do like them. Very much. :D

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  11. I will keep my eyes peeled for paint brush handles next time I am in the garage (or on the beach!)

  12. It's the artist in you that saw the potential for those brush handles to become fish..... we only have to look at what other people throw away in a different light to create unique and all importantly recycled works of art!

  13. absolutely brilliant idea for the paintbrushes! how unique and they REALLY do look like fish.....!

  14. Hi Kirsty
    Just to say that your parcel arrived and my husband is collecting it from the sorting office today (cos we missed it yesterday). Am very excited. I shall be in Bath (with Denise having some crafting lessons) over the weekend, but will get back to you again next week. I am quite often in St Keyne because I look after my Aunt's house now that she is in a Care Home, so it is nice to know that is near you. Best wishes Helen x

  15. ... Denise as in abuncandance... H

  16. Hello Kirsty! Congratulations! 202!
    I love your simple and beautiful and natural art! Who has imagination, can see Things!!! It is exactly a fish! Always a joy to visit you! You are in my Art list.
    Wishes from Crete Teje

  17. You are so artistic!
    I will keep an eye for old wooden paint brushes.
    And will pass them to you, if I manage to find any!
    Try not to worry about loosing one follower... It seems that it happens to everyone... ...Including me!Lol


  18. Wooooow

    I just want to tell you.... I love love love your blog!

    Agneta, a swedish one ;)