Wednesday 15 September 2010

Latest collage commission

Hi folks! Any Facebook followers may have glimpsed a sneaky preview of this a couple of days ago: I am relieved that it is finally finished! I have to say I struggled with it a bit - it's not my usual subject matter, and it is the most complicated collage I have ever done!

So much detail!

So many shades of green!

And even whilst I was putting the finishing touches to it, I was still finding flowers that I'd missed somehow!

Here is a real close-up, so you can see how many hundreds of bits of magazine it takes to create the finished product!
Gotta go hoover now, my floor looks like it has been showered with confetti!
Hope you're having a good week my lovelies!


  1. Wow - I love collage but that really looks tricky - I did a very large scale collage once with a group of school children - got to the point when I wished I'd never started - it took weeks to finish but so worth it in the end!

  2. I love it! You are brilliant! I have to commission one from you. Maybe I'll give you a bit of a break first though! And can I assume that you'd rather sea than countryside? I was thinking of a lake district view. Then again somewhere in lovely Devon would be wonderful too. Let me know your thoughts. Love to you all. Marisa xx

  3. Well! You've been a busy bee since I last stopped by!! That scrummy cake and your totally and completely fabulous curtain ties had me swooning...and then your goodness Kirsty, its absolutely beautiful!

    I didn't know you had a FB page, but will seek you out and give you a yell on my page, maybe get some people over to see what lovely things you make!

    Big hugs
    Julia x

  4. WOW Kirsty you have been busy. I think it looks Fab!

  5. Very well done. I particularly like the ripped edges of the paper and that they're not all stuck down tight which gives it a nice rustic feel and suggests movement - a bit like using a soft focus filter in a photo. It's definitely a cottage garden I would like to spend a while in.

    Ooh, listen at me! Getting all thoughtful... ;)

  6. This is amazing!!! I love it! I just found you and couln't see first what material you have used (fabric...or...) and it's really great with that material! You have made fantastic (and huge) work! Thank you for giving us this lovely moment!
    Best wishes from Crete Teje

  7. What a wonderful collage, amazing. I don't think I would have the patience to complete something like that. You are obviously very talented. I want to thank you too for your lovely words of encouragement on my first blog. Thanks, Sue x

  8. I did something similar with torn magazine pieces when I was at school but mine was just an exploration of colour, not a complete scene like yours, it looks amazing! It must have required an awful lot of patience with all that fiddly sticking down......

  9. Goodness, that is amazing. I love the effect the mosaic gives, like an impressionist painting. And what a great excuse to buy lots of magazines!

  10. That's absolutely gorgeous! So clever! Lucy x