Monday 18 October 2010

Facebook Giveaway and more of Steve's makes!

The beach was an absolute mess on Saturday! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but let me tell you it was thick with seaweed! Not the most pleasant of conditions to be beachcombing in, although it was another warm sunny day - aren't we being spoiled this October?!
Anyway, there wasn't a huge amount of 'treasure' to be found, but I collected lots of little bits of bleached wood - which showed up brightly amongst the dull, dark seaweed.
And this is what I made when I got home...

The sun was still out so I sat in the garden with my drill and threaded them onto thick wire - most relaxing! (Herbie thought I was making a necklace at first!)The wreath is about 50cm in diameter.
I've decided to offer it as a giveaway prize on Facebook: if you're on FB already, just leave a comment and you'll be put into the draw (if you want to sign up to my page, simply click on FB symbol in righthand sidebar). If you're not on FB (lucky you, you probably have an extra few hours a week spare than those of us that are!), don't worry, I'm approaching 100 posts on here, so I will giveaway something on here too - promise!

The photo was taken about a month ago, where Steve discovered 2 lovely weathered scaffolding planks on the beach.... and carried them like this all the way back to the car (it was a long walk too!)
But he had an idea in his head, and this is what he knocked up the next weekend!!

The light's not good today, but you get the idea, I'm sure!

It's blimmin' heavy I can tell you!

And d'you remember this post where I dropped a subtle hint about wanting a couple of pallet chairs for the boys' room?

Haha, my wish is his command!! They look great, no?

And the storage part at the top is perfect for hold pens etc. He's not just a pretty face!!


  1. Hi Kirsty
    Your Steve is a clever man indeed ! I love those pieces he's made and I'm sure there's an opportunity to make some money from such things :-)
    The driftwood wreath looks lovely with all the different colour shades, and I bet it's wonderfully tactile too.
    Wishing you a good week ahead - forecast is more sunshine :-)
    Denise x
    I'm not on FB - blogging is enough! - have fun with the giveaway!

  2. I remember going to Seaton once when there had been a storm out to sea and all the dark long thick dangley (quite rude looking!) sea weed
    lay in thick masses! oh my the smell was soooo intense!...You find such wonderful drift wood!
    And suck a clever soul your partner is! wow i love the t.v stand and boys chairs with the pencil storage hehe Fab!!!! x
    Im on Fb must have a look for you! ;0)x

  3. **Oh my that meant to read 'such' now i sound like a rudey! excuse me!**

  4. Can I move in with you please?
    I would love to be nearer a beach but I am stuck here in the midlands, I love all the countryside around here but I would love a beach nearby too, I just want it all, whats wrong with that eh? ;)

    Your man makes some lovely things, my hubby and my dad made me a wonderful cabinet in my front room I will have to take some piccies soon for my blog.

    Micki x

  5. wow, such a lovely giveaway, I've just liked your page on FB.

    Can i borrow steve? I have many a project to do at home, Dan seems to be too 'busy' to complete! lou x

  6. WOW! I love the chairs with clever storage compartments and the lovely t.v. stand. Clever man. And then there's your wood wreath. are so clever and creative.
    Anne xx

  7. What a hero! You're both so clever! Lots of love, Amanda xxx

    May have to join facebook now... Ax

  9. What great makes! I love all the pallet furniture, and the little space for the kids pencils and things on the chairs was a great idea! :) x

  10. Another fantastic piece of yours! I love things made from wood, and your work continues to inspire me. Have just left a comment on facebook. Did I mention I would be over the moon to win? :)

  11. I'm off to find you on FB.
    Love your TV stand.

  12. Love the TV stand Kirsty.... you and Steve are both so talented. I think your home should be featured in a magazine!!!!

  13. Kirsty I love the wreath, the tv stand AND tha chairs!! Absolutely gorgeous. The beaches here have been very weedy too lately and just a tiny bit wiffy as a result! You really are so clever to come up with such brilliant ideas from your finds. Love it and hope you are still going great guns with NOTHS x

  14. Great makes - love the pallet chairs :)

    Just 'liked' you on FB :)

  15. very clever hubby and great giveaway :-)

  16. I do not know what's happened to my Google REader but I haven't seen your last few posts! These driftwood creations are just so wonderful! Those little chairs! Can things be stored in the open paletty bit? I love your wreath. Is it a keeper or is it for sale? It would make a perfect Christmas number.

  17. Oh! It's a giveaway prize! I have woolly eyes tonight, obviously. I don't really use facebook. Gah!

  18. Oooh what a talented family you have Kirsty, I love the wooden furniture your hub has made, the TV table is grand (quite fancy one myself actually)!
    You already know how much I swoon over your stuff so I needn't bang on about your beautiful, gorgeous, amazing driftwood wreath eh?!
    By the way, I mentioned you in a little interview Im doing for the Craft Candy group - they wanted to know which designer makers I loved and of course I thought of would have been quite rude not to wouldn't it!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  19. Wow. You guys are true beachcombers!! The wreath is a wonderful idea!

  20. gorgeous makes, what a talent Steve is! love the storage at the top of the chairs, brilliant!

  21. Looking forward to the day when I meet a man who's as practical as your hubby!

  22. What a fantastic idea for the chairs with the storage...genius!

  23. I completely LOVE that TV stand. Hope you don't mind if I copy it :)