Thursday, 21 October 2010

It's beginning to smell alot like Christmas....

.....largely due to this huge pack of cinnamon sticks which was delivered yesterday. Mmmmm, smells wonderful!

I usually cut the sticks in half to use as perches for my individual robins, but I got distracted (again!) and decided to have a little play...

...and this was the result!

The mistletoe is basically a wire 'frame which I then wrapped in dotty fabric - finished off with a vintage button 'berry'. Available in my Folksy shop.
Best get on with what I'm supposed to be doing now! Hope you're all having a good week x


  1. Gorgeous creation, as usual. :-) I love those little birds and the mistletoe.

  2. wonderful x very festive and cute x

  3. Love that, they are super cute, I bet it smells divine too!!

    Micki x

  4. Mistletoe is my favourite and my best. Ax

  5. How cute, I bet if that goes in a sunny spot it will smell yummy.

  6. I can smell them from here! Delicious.

  7. These are very good - I do like their plump little bodies and the way they are looking - the fabric is gorgeous too, very festive - I bet you'll end up making as many robins as owls now and will need to go and buy another dotty trolley for transporting all your orders!!

    Love J x

  8. Oh that is lovely. I can smell the cinnamon from here!!!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Very pretty :) Bet that was lovely parcel to open, that first waft of cinnamon.

  10. Oooh i so love the smell of cinnamon, so lovely and Christmasy, reminds me of being little!

  11. Oh they're gorgeous :-)
    You're very good at birds, so I say lets have plenty more of them!
    I bet that parcel full of cinnamon is heavenly!
    Denise x

  12. Really lovely birdies, I think that your St Ives header is fantastic!

  13. Lovely birdies, Kirsty. I love robins, we have a couple in our garden.
    And the smell of cinnamon is definetly a sign that there will be Christmas in near future. I can't believe that it's already in two months time.
    Hardi adored the TV table your husband made. Great design, plain and yet stylish. Well done.
    Best wishes, Gertie

  14. I have these :]

    And they are SO lovely, despite it not being Christmas for ages yet, I already have them up :]