Tuesday 5 October 2010

Goodies in the post!

You know how most days the postman just brings boring bank statements or annoying junkmail? Well, not today! I had not one but four exciting packages arrive this morning!
I have to tell you about this giveaway I won over at Amanda's blog - I'm sure some of you even entered yourselves...but I was the very lucky winner!

Look - a gorgeous book - The Bag Making Bible -which I am looking forward to studying tonight once the children are in bed!

This sweet little brooch made by Amanda

Some fab organic cotton fabric - not sure what to create with this yet, but it will be put to good use at some point!

And did you see the bunny in the top picture? It is so intricate, this is a close-up of my favourite bit - love that harlequin ribbon!
Thank you Amanda for your generous gifts! If you're not familiar with her blog, pop over and say Hi!

So what else can I show you? Ah yes, some lovely ticking from Emma Garry...

so that I can make some more of these...

In another envelope: I'm loving this reversible Danish ribbon from NotOnTheHighStreet.com...

Talking of which, the first NOTHS Christmas catalogue arrived today....

Recognise anything familiar on this page?!

Or what about this one? This is from the November issue of Good Housekeeping! A bit of press for Kirsty Elson Designs! How exciting!

Hope you're having a great week xx


  1. Crikey, Kirsty! You're famous! Well done you! Glad you like your bits and bobs.... Postie went like the clappers didn't he? Lots of love, Amanda xxx

  2. Ooh you have got me all excited now Kirsty cos I'm in the Noths catalogue too, but I haven't seen it yet!! Here's hoping it brings us both loads of lovely orders x

  3. OOh lucky you, all I got was a bank statement today....Boring!!

  4. Hi Kirsty, I'm also very excited everytime the postman comes. Even if it's hard to catch him (he bangs once at the door and if you're not already waiting behind it, he's gone), when I do get hold of him, he brings me my "treasure bags" as I call them. I will never be too old to feel the excitement of opening a package.
    Lovely giveaways.
    Will you still talk to me when you've made an enormous fortune? Well done, your work deserves being more published.
    Love, Gertie

  5. Such lovely goodies and I'm loveing the look of the NOTHS christmas catalogue.

    Nina xxx

    ps. the postman brought me a goodie package today too - thank you so much...the littlest Boo will be sooooo chuffed.

  6. Lovely goodies- I love the post when it delivers such treats!
    Big congratulations!XX

  7. I love it when the postie brings bloggy goodies - I know I've one parcel on its way this week - can't wait :)

    Well done on NOTHS :)

  8. Well done on being in the NOTH Christmas catalogue. Your goodies from Amanda look lovely too! :) x

  9. Evening.

    All I got today was a handful of leaflets and horrible white envelope for BigBean. I'm jealous. And feeling quite sick as I have a swapsie to complete Very Soon and not enough time to think about it...

    I love that new header. Can't believe it's a collage, it's sooo beautiful.

    Speak soon Missus. Ax

  10. I was very unselfish and happy when I saw you won Amanda's giveaway - It's always exciting when it is one of your bloggy friends. How exciting to be in catalogues and magazines - methinks you are a famous bloggy friend. Love Kate xxooxx.

  11. Hello Kirsty! First: you have wonderful new Header! Then: How nice you got so lovely posts today! Lovely things - I thought perhaps you coulde make a bag with that white/green fabric by your new book! With lovely materials and magazines we get energy to create!
    Wishes with sunshine Teje

  12. Wooohooo Kirsty, that is just awesome! Your little owl and boats yippeee! I am very happy for you. Lou x

  13. I don't know where to start, everything is wonderful! Congratulations on being in the NOTHS Christmas catalogue :) Looks like you had a good post day, I love it when the postman brings nice parcels! x

  14. Congratulations on the publicity - I love post.

  15. Well done kirsty, I hope the catalogue etc brings lots of orders.I am very jealous of exiting post- all I got recently was a loft ladder and a pile of wood!

  16. Ooooooooooooh! This was definatly one of those posts that made me go 'OOOOOOH' quite alot :)
    What gorgeous gifts from Postie, how lucky you are(will check out the blog link after writing this) and I will have to say it again; Well Done on your much deserved publicity, your work is so stunning and unique!

    Much love (cheering and happy dances for you)
    Julia x x x

  17. Well done on winning the lovely Amanda's giveaway. I'm very jealous! I'm looking forward to receiving my NOTHS catalogue as I'm in there too! Good luck with sales x

  18. Hi Kirsty
    You're very lucky to win those goodies! I read about that book just a couple of days ago and wondered what it's like. I love the rabbit !
    Hey, good news about the NOTHS catalogue too - lots a wonderful things are coming your way and I am delighted for you :-) Well done!
    Are you doing the Christmas Homespun fair ?
    Denise x

  19. Ooh, congratulations on more press! How magic! You received some gorgeous things in the post. I adore that fabric. Wouldn't it make a stunning skirt?

  20. Hi kirsy my NOTHS brochure arrived yeserday morning... I spied your owl. Looks fab! Fingers crossed to many sales. Lou x